Price ($): 0.01130 (3.31647%)

Price (฿): 0.0000032794359679943904

Market Cap: $6M

Volume (24h): $0M

district0x (CURRENCY:DNT) traded 14.5% lower against the dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 7:00 AM ET on December 14th. district0x has a total market capitalization of $6.77 million and approximately $971,748.00 worth of district0x was traded on exchanges in the last day. One district0x token can currently be purchased for $0.0113 or 0.00000342 […]

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Within hours of announcing it was looking into a whole host of new altcoin additions to its exchange, Coinbase went ahead and added support for four of them. Just not the one most were expecting. Only a few hours after blogging about 30 cryptocurrencies it was considering adding to its exchange and wallet, Coinbase – […]

Coinbase Plans to List More Than 30 New Cryptocurrencies  CoinDais

Coinbase has announced that it plans to list over 30 cryptocurrencies, with many more to follow. In its biggest listing spree to date, the California-based ...

U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase says it is “exploring” the addition of a broad range of digital assets to its platform. In a blog post published on Friday, Dec. 7, the exchange listed more than 30 crypto assets including top assets like Ripple’s XRP, Cardano, EOS, and NEO. The post read: “Coinbase is exploring a broad […]

Coinbase has just announced that it would be listing four new tokens on Coinbase Pro. Hopefully, these four coins might have the privilege of enjoying the ‘Coinbase effect’. The Coinbase effect is a term that is used to describe the price spike and reputation enhancement that follows a coin after it gets listed on Coinbase […]

Cryptocurrency prices extended their slide on Thursday, as the total market cap came within striking distance of new yearly lows, signaling the continuation of the bottoming process. Market Update The total value of cryptocurrencies reached a low of $119.2 billion on Thursday, falling within a comparable range of last month’s swing low. The crypto market […]

The crypto industry lost another $15 billion of its market cap during the last seven days as the top three currencies continue their steep decline. BTC-USD Bitcoin erased approximately 6.4 percent of its value on December 6 and closed the day at $3,528. This was the second consecutive drop of…

Another red week for the crypto market, that already looks like an unfinished avalanche. Every time the market seems settled, we experience another drop in prices.  Bitcoin lost another 15% of its price, and most of the alternative coins lost even more. We’ve been in this bear market almost a year, and even the Bitcoin […]

district0x Reaches 1-Day Trading Volume of $1.37 Million (DNT)  BharataPress

district0x (CURRENCY:DNT) traded 4% higher against the U.S. dollar during the one day period ending at 16:00 PM Eastern on December 9th. During the last ...

Europe’s First ICO Financed Crypto Asset Manager Licensed in France A French company with the name the Napoleon Group has become the first ICO financed crypto management firm with an official license in Europe. Even more remarkable about it is that the company is not situated in Estonia or other Eastern European states that have […]

This story was shared from this siteThe most popular US cryptocurrency exchange is continuing its promise to support Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens, adding four more of the coins to the Coinbase Pro platform. Starting today, December 7, Coinbase Pro users can transfer their balances of Civic (CVC), district0x (DNT), Loom Network (LOOM), and Decentraland (MANA) to …

The global cryptocurrency market plunged a further 13% leading into Friday morning, compounding 20% losses since the start of the week. Multiple altcoins lost close to 30% of their value overnight, while Bitcoin fell to the $3,300 range and saw its overall dominance boosted to 55.4% – its highest since September. Meanwhile, there was a […]

Fidelity Investments and Nasdaq Ventures have poured millions of dollars into an up-and-coming cryptocurrency exchange, a sign that institutional adoption of digital assets isn’t being deterred by the recent bear market. As Hacked reported last month, both companies are planning to make a big splash in the cryptocurrency market next year. ErisX Attracts the Big […]

district0x (CURRENCY:DNT) traded 9.2% lower against the U.S. dollar during the 1-day period ending at 21:00 PM Eastern on December 11th. In the last week, district0x has traded 8.8% higher against the U.S. dollar. district0x has a total market cap of $8.00 million and approximately $914,100.00 worth of district0x was traded on exchanges in the […]

The US-based massive crypto exchange platform Coinbase had given an announcement that said crypto exchange giant Coinbase was “exploring” support for the XRP token. However, the announcement by the exchange has failed to generate a positive movement in XRP price. The price trend of XRP during last week indicates bearishness of the overall market. Especially, […]

Just some hours after the Coinbase made it public that it was exploring listing thirty-one new digital assets, the exchange’s pro version informed the crypto trading community of its plans to list the ERC20 tokens of district0x (DNT), Civic (CVC), Decentraland (MANA), and Loom Network (LOOM). The announcement then explained why the exchange listed the […]

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A funny trend has emerged as the blockchain industry has gained steam. People are generally excited to “disrupt” legacy industries and start cutting out middlemen. Part of this is a frustration with the status quo, another part is a desire to not see the rich keep getting richer, and finally, people are sick of getting […]

Binance is launching a new feature to help satisfy a sharp rise in demand from institutional investors. The leading crypto exchange is allowing organizations to create multiple trading accounts under one profile, along with improved managerial control and asset audit tools. Binance CFO Wei Zhou told The Block the update is designed to satisfy an […]

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District0x is an ambitious projedct with a lot of long term potential if cryptocurrency can move past its dominantly speculative nature. In this video we discuss the ...

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Find out everything about District0x. Memefactory, future districts. Find out everything about Verge (XVG). What is District0x? Evolution Token ...

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Link To Chart: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/DNTBTC/UjEjSbqp-DNT-All-Aboard-District0x-Rocket/ Thank You for Your Support! Check out the links below ...

District0x (DNT): Launching the First Decentralized Meme Factory District0x (DNT) is a decentralised market that was launched in 2017 to bring together ...

Quick TA on the coin District0x, available on Binance. Comment what coins you want me to look at next!

Is it possible to for accurate cryptocurrency valuations? How can you figure out the right valuations? And after District0x's massive run since it's ICO, is it still ...

Hello, my name is Krash. Im not sure where this channel will lead but all I know is I'm going to have fun with it and just talk about cryptocurrency and branch out ...

District0x defines themselves as one of the first blockchain-based social networks. District0x is comprised of different unique communities called districts.

Link To Chart: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/DNTBTC/l5Sx1hX6-DNT-Paradise/ Thank You for Your Support! Check out the links below for more info :D ...

Link To Chart: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/DNTBTC/w8Oz7DGD-District0x-DNT-looking-For-It-s-Chill/ Thank You for Your Support! Check out the links ...

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I am not a financial adviser, this is not financial advice. In this video I run the rule on District0x. What's the project all about? Does it have potential in the long run ...

DNT to explode?

Some very interesting signals here on DNT. Can’t confess to know much about the project, but I can say something about what’s happening on the charts. Especially the 3-day chart. Higher lows on the RSI, Stochastic patterns change direction from downward to upward trend. Bottoming candle finds support on the 1-day chart and most importantly, volume...


well wow by the time i finished making this the coinbase news arrived just as i was about to publish

Target and Stop-loss are included in image Safe investment (use stop-loss instead of limit if you only have one option). DNT is a range moving coin and typically will hold within support and resistance levels typically. To cover both a fast pump-n-dump possibility and play extra safe allocate 25% twards top of target and the rest within the stop-l...



Follow Green line after growth of volume and breaking resistance line Take profit 1 - 684-901 sat G.Luck

DNT looking primed for next bull run. Indicators: Bullish divergence in RSI in Daily MACD bullish divergence in daily MA cross over in 4hrs at 0.886 support of entire rally. Trade #1: Entry price : 361 sats trade value: 0.1 btc

T1: 600 T2 870 T3 1020 T4: 1460 T5: 1870 Good luck.

Buy Between 3000 to 3500 Sell Target 1: 378 to 380 Target 2: 415 to 420 Target 3: 440 to 450 Happy Trading and hit like button

Analysis I make in the chart, target is for middle term so hold guys. Thank for reading and hope you guys LIKE this post. LOVE ALL YOU !

DNTBTChttps://www.tradingview.com/x/ViR892VZ/ Target 1: 465 Target 2: 641 Target 3: 863 Target 4: 1150 Time line: until 8.November https://www.tradingview.com/x/ViR892VZ/



Buy Price: Yellow Line TP: Green Lines Invest Suggestion: 5-10 Percent Profit Expectations: 5, 10 or >20 Percent Just hold and watch. All targets will be reached within 24 to 72 hours as my prediction. But it's recommended to hold it for 6-7 days if any target not reached. Sell when you got some profit. I am sure, you will be get nice profit. Good...

https://www.tradingview.com/x/WY3SOKTG/ THe call was given on 5m chart

district0x long

a symmetrical triangle signalling continuation of the trend

buy now or regret later

DNT long


Hold DNT

target 1 : 446 target 2 : 587 target 3 : 679