Price ($): 2.36905 (21.782%)

Price (฿): 0.0006849373993448336

Market Cap: $2146M

Volume (24h): $853M

EOS creator Dan Larimer has made a statement that proposes changes to EOS’s current block producer model. In brief, these changes would force standby block producers to contribute to the network regularly. In a discussion on EOSGO.IO, Larimer wrote:  “I am starting to think that the Steem model where the 21st producer is rotated in…

Although EOS (EOS) is said to have lost almost million dollars to hacker attack since July, also being criticized for “sloppy” mainnet launch, EOS still makes one of the leading platforms for decentralized applications when it comes to volumes of users on a daily and weekly basis. That is how EOS might be able to […]

The crypto crash of the last six weeks has widened the chasm between early adopters of digital assets and those who believe they are a scam and should be outlawed. This debate is now raging within institutional circles, with the CEO of VanEck taking Allianz to task over calls to ban cryptocurrencies outright. In terms […]

FITBLOX is a new social media-driven fitness app designed to drive increased user interaction through digital asset rewards. The system uses decentralized application (dApp) technology to provide a platform to monetize social media use in a secure fashion. The concept isn’t entirely unique but the choice to build the platform on the EOS blockchain is […]

Since crypto world manifests a variety of options for innovators besides community users and investors, it is worthwhile that the return on invested capital must reflect the true picture thereby offering a very good long-term return to all those that have invested in the digital currency world. While analyzing the top twelve cryptocurrencies through a […]

From a potential Bitcoin bounce to the adoption of Ripple’s cross-border payment technology, here’s a look at some of the stories breaking in the world of crypto. Bitcoin and Crypto Markets A technical indicator is pointing to a potential rebound for Bitcoin and the overall cryptocurrency markets. Bloomberg’s Galaxy Crypto Index is in oversold territory. […]

EOS witnesses heavy sell-off, continues trading below $2  BCFocus

EOS prices are amid a severe seller storm. The prices are falling at the rate of 8.67% and are aiming to touch the last support level found.

Canon EOS R review: Canon and Nikon, the old leviathans of the camera industry, were slow off the block, but are now catching up with mirrorless cameras meant for all types of uses and users. Canon’s latest is the EOS R camera meant for professionals which also ushers in the era of RF lenses which have been optimised for full-frame cameras like this one.

Waves appears to be maintaining its position under the spotlight in the cryptocurrency market as the crypto is showing amazing progress against the fiat despite the fact that the bear trends are still present and effective. That means that the majority of cryptocurrencies are still dropping  with only occasional gains that seem to be failing […]

Despite the numerous controversies surrounding the coin, EOS appears to be determined to rise above the storm as it gets admitted onto digital asset exchange, ABRA’s trading platform. Crypto investment and trading platform, ABRA, announced via an official twitter post that it will be adding support for EOS and Siacoin (SC). The exchange indicated to […]

Cryptocurrency leaders and innovators worldwide are launching more platforms to trade digital assets as they also expand existing infrastructure and software to spread crypto adoption. Germany On Wednesday, Berlin-based fintech company solarisBank announced that its upcoming crypto trading platform, in partnership with the Stuttgart Stock Exchange (Börse Stuttgart), Germany’s second largest exchange and the ninth […]

Materials Solutions, a Siemens business, will become a pilot customer for the EOS M 300-4 metal additive manufacturing system. 3D Printing Industry is visiting Materials Solutions in Worcester today to learn more about how the four laser EOS M 300-4 will be used for serial additive manufacturing. The flexible, automated and modular metal 3D printing […]

Charles Hoskinson – one of the creators of Cardano and head of the organisation guiding its development, IOHK, has warned that he believes the US Securities Exchange Commission will be looking very closely at its rival, EOS.  Speaking at the Cardano-centric PlutusFest, a get-together for the Cardano community that offers it the chance to showcase […]

The price of EOS dropped heavily, breaking the $2.00 and $1.80 support levels against the U.S dollar. As long as the price stays below $2.25, sellers will continue to be in control. •The price of EOS declined greatly after it settled below the support level of $4.00 against the U.S dollar. •A crucial bearish trend […]

A while ago, Tron’s Justin Sun suggested that his platform would be capable of carrying Ethereum and EOS developers as both platforms crash. Well, some developers seem to believe Tron isn’t going to sink as fast as Ethereum and EOS and are thus migrating to the Tron blockchain. This migration is giving the Tron network […]

Crypto whales are busy this week, moving more than $162 million in Bitcoin. According to the crypto tracker Whale Watch, the top five transactions shifted 46,998 Bitcoin (BTC). Only one of those transfers was to an exchange, indicating one whale could be preparing to sell 5,000 BTC worth an estimated $15.9 million, at time of […]

EOS (CURRENCY:EOS) traded down 3.8% against the US dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 13:00 PM Eastern on December 13th. One EOS coin can currently be bought for $1.94 or 0.00056864 BTC on popular exchanges including DigiFinex, C2CX, Koinex and Cryptopia. EOS has a market capitalization of $1.76 billion and $573.57 million worth […]

The profitability of maintaining and producing blocks for the EOS blockchain is already null and void, according to a recent survey. Of the twenty-six block producers who took part in the survey, all of them indicated that the current coin price of EOS has left them at a financial loss. Barely Hanging On Block producers […]

Charles Hoskinson projects some form of action from the SEC on EOS. EOS/USD enjoys a relief rally on Wednesday, as price moves further north following recent bounce. The EOS price hasn’t done much but decline of late. Back in August, EOS/USD entered into a very stubborn narrowing range. The price had been confined within this […]

Ethereum and EOS DApps Hit $165 Million in Weekly Transaction Volume Despite Crypto Market Downturn  The Daily Hodl

Ethereum and EOS are powering more than $165 million in weekly transaction volume on a variety of decentralized apps, as the push for real-world adoption of ...

Weekly update - Sellers are still in control but are we nearing another intermediate low soon? Updates on BTC WAVES GVT POLY LTC TRX EOS QKC. Articles: ...

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Panic or buy more crypto? I share why I am buying more crypto in this bear market and crash, and why personally I am choosing EOS among all the choices of ...

Dark Days for EOS
EOS San Diego

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Dan Larimer is planning a NEW crypto project...surprise, surprise! Basically, there's no more "easy money" to suck out of EOS so it's time for him (and his ...

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As this significant blockchain market correction continues, it's often hard to remember for some of the new average EOS holders, what is it that makes EOS ...

Bluedawn the real mobile game for iphone and android on the ITAM platform Software Development Kit building on EOS for trading & collecting digital assets, ...

Rob Finch (Cypherglass) and Zack Gall (ICO Alert) discuss BetDice adds wagering with BTC-ETH-USDT Pegged EOS Tokens, an impending EOS VC ...

Is Dan Larimer leaving EOS and Block.One to work on another project? Ethereum whales have increased their holdings by 80% in 2018. That's a lot! Lets look at ...

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In this video I share my thoughts on the Canon EOS R. This is not in any way a review as I did no technical testing, nor did I try the video features on this camera, ...


It may be expected to target 2.176 as long as it remains above 1.878.

Eosusd update

EOS’ price has seemingly been starting to hold on to a specific price level this week. Prior, the cryptoasset was seeing its value decline against the US dollar over various successive trading sessions. The crypto’s current range is marked by the $2 and $1.5 territories. The 14-day SMA is currently above the upper limits of the range, while still ...

Hello Everyone, I have decided to start writing down the trades i make. To learn for myself and for other people to see. PLEASE DON'T TAKE MY ANALYSIS AS FINANCIAL ADVISE. I have shorted the EOS around 1.88, the reason for this is that I forgot to put sell orders below the triangle breakout, however after i saw break out on my mobile i decided to ...

EOSUSD 4H short until about 1.708

EOSUSD, Elliott wave count, m15 chart, bullish.

Eosusd update
EOS fast short

triangle + overbought

EOSUSD update


This hidden bearish divergence is valid only if we don't make a higher high on a price (2.09 is a resistance). If we stay below 2.09 down go EOS We can also see a regular bearish divergence on a lower time frames.

If $EOS fails here, we could see SUB $1 Prices!

I am very optimistic about 2019. hopefully we can start profiting again. Unless otherwise stated estimates, including prospective yields, are a consensus of analyst forecasts provided by Lorde Skinwah. These estimates are not a reliable indicator of future performance. Yields are variable and not guaranteed. Past performance is not a guide to the ...

Hello my dear EOS traders, hope you're having a nice weekend! ;) EOS/USD is inside a beautiful equilibrium between the ranges of 1,8 & 2,1 Dollars, which will see a break coming soon. In the bullish case, we're looking at least at 2,2, if not 2,4 Dollars. In the bearish case, at the previous lows at 1,6. In the direct correlation EOS/BTC, we have ...

EOS usdt ccould be forming a descending triangle. Strong support at 1.8. Weekend is here so we could expect slow moves. BTC looks solid in range. Both patterns are ideal por squezzing some orders before keep going down. Looking for a bullish perspective looks like a bad trade, but BTC going to 3,000 right now is too easy. Risk reward with EOS look...




Broken key level, short-term resistance level, going to the resistance line, and MA500 on 30m chart. Short formation, bearish div on RSI.

Massive H&S has been completed with a target of 0.79