Price ($): 8.72393 (-0.776669%)

Price (฿): 0.000954436466357261

Market Cap: $970M

Volume (24h): $814M

Future of cryptocurrencies is one of the most debated topics in tech circles. Some say digital currencies will ultimately take over the global economy, whereas some believe that Bitcoin and similar currencies will die in the long run. In the past few months, adoption of cryptocurrencies in the mainstream has increased substantially, and the trend […]

Ethereum Classic (ETC) was forked out of Ethereum in 2016. The two coins share a common token name called Ether backed by blockchain technology and both the coins share a common platform to transfer values between themselves. Ethereum Classic (ETC) is an open source distributed computing platform which facilitates smart contracts and a decentralized Turing-complete […]

Ethereum Classic has been getting a lot of positive fundamentals in recent time. A while ago, the Ethereum Foundation donated $150,000 to the Ethereum Classic network. This move to support its big brother was heartwarming. During the same period, there were reports about the Ethereum Foundation and the Ethereum Classic Development Team working on creating […]

Ethereum Classic (ETC) was initially a single and large cryptocurrency. But it was divided into after a major hacking theft in 2016. Ethereum was taken out of this crypto, and it was named Ethereum Classic (ETC) since then. Ethereum and Ethereum Classic (ETC) have a common token called Ether, and it can be transferred between […]

The entire cryptocurrency community has been jubilating since the Bitcoin bull run started this morning. Just like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the market, the Stellar Lumens current price is green on CoinMarketCap. The Stellar development foundation has recently sealed many partnerships for the promotion of the Stellar blockchain and the XLM token. Recently, Coinbase […]

The launch of Petro in Venezuela had created a massive wave of apprehension amongst the world community with many leaders condemning the Nicolas Maduro government for launching a cryptocurrency rather than focussing on improving the country's failing economy. The United States...

Welcome to's Ethereum Classic Price Prediction summary where we reveal all ETC coin value analysis, forecast charts and market data. Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Predictions: Market Data Forecasts and ETC/USD Charts Ethereum Classic (ETC) Daily Price Forecast: Mar 27, 2019 ETC?USD trade has been in a range trend, and may soon possibly experience other range zones a bit above $0.48 price level. In the short-term trend out, the ETC/USD market seems exhausting its bullish strength gradually, therefore, a bearish set-up may soon emerge in the market. ETC/USD Medium-term Trend: Ranging Supply levels: $5.2, $5.4, $5.6 Demand levels: $4.4, $4.2, $4 ETC/USD market has been basically running around definite range spots since the start of trading sessions this week. The pairs firstly showed a short bearish appearance at $0.48 mark which has now turned as the upper range spot of the market. Subsequently, the crypto was slightly driven southwards to a lower price

Summary The SFOX Multi-Factor Market Index remains at mildly bullish entering April 2019. LTC, BCH, and ETC all showed noteworthy volatility movements that weren’t obviously related to BTC, suggesting that the industry at large may be growing beyond BTC. March highlighted the sustained focus on blockchain and crypto development in an increasingly low-volatility environment. Watch for […]

Grayscale Investments just released an update on the composition of its Digital Large Cap Fund (DLC), which offers qualified investors exposure to the top cryptocurrencies. Comprised of the five largest cryptocurrencies by market cap – Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin – the fund increased its Litecoin investment by 83.33%, up from 1.8% last […]

Donald McIntyre, one of the most active contributors to the ongoing development of Ethereum Classic (ETC), a Turing Complete and proof-of-work (PoW)-based platform for building decentralized applications (dApps), has published a blog post which recaps a discussion which took place among the platform’s developers. As mentioned in McIntyre’s post, “part of the ETC ecosystem held a call” in order to discuss a proposed hard fork (backwards incompatible upgrade), called Atlantis, which has been outlined in Ethereum Classic Improvement Proposal (E

Introduction: Ethereum Classic (ETC) is an open source, decentralized smarter blockchain. It is a network, a cryptocurrency that takes digital assets further. Ethereum Classic is the continuation of the original Ethereum blockchain- the classic version preserving untampered history. Ethereum Classic and Ethereum have a value token called “ether” which can be transferred between participant nodes […]

Ethereum Classic (CURRENCY:ETC) traded 8.2% higher against the U.S. dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 11:00 AM E.T. on April 2nd. During the last week, Ethereum Classic has traded up 12.1% against the U.S. dollar. Ethereum Classic has a market cap of $571.94 million and $424.77 million worth of Ethereum Classic was traded […]

Ethereum Classic is a generally new variation of Ethereum. Both are cryptographic forms of money, also called advanced monetary standards. Ethereum works with block chain innovation and shrewd contracts. This oversees the structure of Ethereum-related movement. Why is Ethereum Classic So Hot? There are a number of features of framework that are useful for the […]

Ever since the news that Ethereum Classic is on Coinbase hit the cryptocurrency space a few months ago, the Ethereum Classic (ETC) token has gained more credibility among digital asset investors. Long before the Ethereum Classic on Coinbase listing, traders anticipated that the Coinbase effect will cause the price of Ethereum Classic to surge higher. […]

The crypto market saw correction levels today from top altcoins and only a few gained. ETC price prediction from analysts reveal that the coin would have a good run in the long term. The Ethereum Classic (ETC) protocol was forked out of the Ethereum network back in 2016 following an upgrade. It is noteworthy to […]

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is the hard fork of Ethereum and runs on the core of the original Ethereum blockchain. ETC was created to preserve the originality of the cryptocurrency, which was hacked after the launch of Ethereum based project – The DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The project caused a loss of 6.2 million ETHER, obstructing […]

Ethereum Classic is one of the most resilient cryptocurrencies in the world. During the cryptocurrency winter, the Ethereum Classic network and the ETC token suffered a great deal. Last year, the Ethereum Classic future prediction was uncertain. This year, the Ethereum Classic price prediction is positive as brighter days are ahead. One reason why the […]

Bitcoin margin trading is a high risk investment strategy but regardless of its risks, it is still one that yields mega returns. Considering that it is such a high risk approach, many of the cryptocurrency exchanges do not provide the facility for margin trading. Some do, and even among them,…

Ethereum Classic is a generally new variation of Ethereum. Both are cryptographic forms of money, also called advanced monetary standards. Ethereum works with block chain innovation and shrewd contracts. This oversees the structure of Ethereum-related movement. Why is Ethereum Classic So Hot? There are a number of features of framework that are useful for the […]

The price of EOS was trading at $4.30 as at the time of writing. On the upside, if the bulls break the $4.33 resistance level, the crypto's price is likely to reach a high of $5.0 or $5.50. EOS/USD Long-term Trend: Bullish Resistance levels: $ 6, $7, $8. Support levels: $3, $2, $1. The EOS/USD pair is in a bullish trend in the month of March. The crypto's price is trending above the 12-day EMA and the 26 day EMA which indicates that price is in the bullish trend zone. On February 23, the bulls tested the $4.33 price level and were resisted as the price fell to the support of EMAs. On March 27 the bulls were testing $4.33 price level. On the upside, if the bulls break the $4.33 resistance level, the crypto's price is likely to reach a high of $5.0 or $5.50. Nevertheless, on March 1, the price of EOS has an opening balance of $3.58 but closed at $4.38 as at the time of writing. The price of EOS appreciated by 22.34% of its capitalization in the month of March. Meanwhile, the

The cryptocurrency market is in the red today. This week Bitcoin experienced quite a large price drop. Last week we saw Bitcoin hit its highest level so far this ...

Ethereum Classic must cross the $10 mark in the next 30 days Ethereum Classic maintains a steady upward trend Particulars Statistics Price (USD) 8.14 Price ...

With the addition of Ethereum Classic (ETC) in the Abra Wallet, it now becomes accessible for trading Ethereum Classic's new updates focus on increasing the ...

Altcoin of the Day: Ethereum Classic (ETC) target $8 +37% upside potential Donations would be appreciated: BTC/Bitcoin: ...

ETC may seem weak against BTC but we think the bull trend is still not over yet against USD. Full list of ETC technical analysis: ...

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is the asset that is there to fight for the future of the blockchain technology. The entire ETC network since the hard fork back in 2017 has ...

We have hit all 3 targets! Woo hoo! Full list of ETC technical analysis: Use these 3 ========== Short with BitMax.

Ethereum Classic can now be traded on SimpleFX among other altcoins ETC shows consistent price surge amidst market fluctuations increasing reliability factor ...

The Ethereum Classic Show, hosted by Dean Pappas, is a brand new series produced by ETC Labs. The Ethereum Classic Show will interview experts and ...

ETC has touched the pink line several times and we're expecting it to eventually plunge. Full list of ETC technical analysis: ...

ETC is touching the pink line against USD. Bounce time? Full list of ETC technical analysis: Use these 3 ...

We still have a target for Ethereum classic by the olive horizontal ray against USD. Will we hit it? 🤔 Full list of ETC technical analysis: ...

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ETC could very well be close to the end of its bear trend against BTC. Full list of ETC technical analysis: Use these 3 ...

It does look like an ascending triangle against USD but at the same time, it is hovering just by the pink line. 🤔 Full list of ETC technical analysis: ...

L ETHEREUM CLASSIC serait peut être sorti de sa baisse , nous abordons une analyse graphique bearish et bullish ensemble ! Nous voyons en détail chaque ...

Ethereum Classic is the actual and original Ethereum token, based on the smart contracts system, which allows the developers to run the application easily, with ...

Ethereum Classic network upgrade (Hard Fork) Atlantis on block 8750000 (approx. mid-September 2019). ETC Hard Fork Announcement ...

Etc candles are crawling along the zero fib - Nice entry point - Support and resistance on the fibs


Bear market over? Maybe... Maybe not... Reversal pattern or bull trap about to be painted. Either way, take the win. Ride to 0.0014 minimum. Long stack on every dip in between.


Time to fly

Very similar setup. Let's see!

This is a true old school token .. a true classic ! My opinion is that ETC can grow more than some "no-name" project, cause is an established project on the market, well known development and community support... a new kid on the block(chain) has to work hard on trust & gain populism to grow more than a well known project "After a loophole was exp...

Just a follow up on one of my favorite long term assets, this time we are looking at Ethereum Classic ETC relative to Bitcoin BTC. Its the lesser known Ethereum ETH that is going to surprise the market. #classiciscoming Give us a LIKE or a FOLLOW! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Highest scored coin on Coinch...

Hi Folks! There was a 51% attack on ETC. Be careful. We are falling down.

Demarks 9 sequence and ETCBTC 4h working pretty nice! Al-Po-s-Bands ALPos-Universal-Sequential-101 Al-Po-s-Intraday-scalping

Enter1 120-122 enter 2 135-137 TP - 107


Time to fly!!

Daily chart closed red 9 countdown and it looks like the price prepare for the strike which will draw another countdown 13 (upcoming week), just like it did last summer Rally until the summer of 2021 in full swing My minimum target: x3 Possibly we'll see new heights one day on this path

The candlestick fixation abroad of the model "flag". Short sell with a target of 0.00107.

*1* laga bilaabo meesha ugusareey u coinkaan gaaray waxa u retracement ku soobiyay 0.886 *2* marlabaad marka u kusoolaabto 0.68 fib kahoose waa waqti fiican personally waxaan fiirsanayaa in uu 11750 sats ka hoos maro then gonna get some

Hi, It looks like the interest of ETC is falling down. This is just a scam. All crypto are just computer programs. You will all be broke!!!!!!

Hitting resistance + rising wedge + bearish RSI divergence, I expect a pullback large enough to be scalped.




Time to fly!!

One to watch

Papertrading: Will buy break out & retest

The candlestick fixation abroad of the model "triangle". Buy with a target of 0.00127/0.00132