Price ($): 91.8287 (5.65371%)

Price (฿): 0.02656775605804345

Market Cap: $9536M

Volume (24h): $1802M

Crypto markets have started showing mercy this weekend thanks to the top tokens now trading in the green. The report indicates that the price of Bitcoin (BTC), XRP and Ethereum (ETH) is in the green as of press time. Bitcoin is up by  1.11%, XRP 1.10% and Ethereum 2.81% respectively. Why the likes of Litecoin […]

Constantinople is a much-awaited upgrade of Ethereum (ETH). The upgrade was supposed to go live some months ago. However, it wasn’t launched due to some issues during the testnet. Nevertheless, the Constantinople upgrade of Ethereum (ETH) seems to be going as planned. Constantinople Activation Time On the 11th of December, a very popular Ethereum software […]

The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) wants to know more about other cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin, starting with Ethereum. The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) wants to know more about other cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin, namely Ethereum.

One of the big technical themes in crypto this year has been the power of the transition from quiet consolidations to major trends. The obvious example was Bitcoin’s (BTC) quiet range near $6,500 for the July to November period. Once Bitcoin (BTC) left that range to the downside, it lost 40 percent of its value.… Read more

Ethereum (ETH) is still dropping sharply. In fact, the rate at which the digital asset is falling is much higher compared to other assets among the top tokens. This continued downward spiral has surprised investors and is causing concerns among many regarding were the digital asset is heading. It appears that no bottom is OK […]

Ethereum developers report that Constantinople hard fork is estimated on 16th January 2019. ETH/USD could be driven down further to May 2017 low, around the $60 territory. Constantinople Set for January Implementation ETH/USD in the late part of trading on Friday surged some chunky 17%. An update on the highly anticipated Constantinople hard fork launch […]

Ethereum (ETH) Down to Double Digits After CoinbasePro Flash Crash  Cryptovest

After the latest rapid sell-off, ETH prices could not hold above $100, as the platform sees more criticism.

Yesterday, the whole market witnessed all the major cryptocurrency hitting a new low for the year. Contrary to the investors expectations, instead of taking the upward direction, the cryptocurrencies are going the opposite direction. According to CoinMarketCap, at press time...

The faculty of law at the University of Oxford recently published a post that highlighted the possible consequences for stolen and lost digital currency claims. This was published on Business Law Blog on the 12th of December. In the blog post, a researcher at SAFE Frankfurt – Grygoriy Pustovit – highlighted the case of Copytrack […]

Since our previous analysis, the crypto market hasn’t done much and is still trading sideways. The Bitcoin chart is currently attempting to break above the descending trend-line resistance level that has been keeping the price below it for the past 14 days. If BTC price breaks up the trend-line and the price holds above with […]

Trading of Civic (CVC), Loom Network (LOOM), district0x (DNT), and Decentraland (MANA) all of which are based on the ERC-20 tokenized standard that runs on Ether, went live today on Coinbase Pro. The tokens received a bump following their listing on the exchange. Ethereum (ETH) Price Today – ETH / USD CVC, DNT LOOM, and […]

In the last 24 hours, the digital asset market valuation has increased by $5 billion which demonstrates a partial recovery from the former $106 billion to the $111 billion it stands presently. It appears that Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), despite this market recovery, continue to trade in the red and to lose value […]

On the 6th of December 2018, almost all the cryptocurrencies on the CoinMarketCap’s list were trading red against the USD. BTC fell by almost 11% and dragged the entire market with it. Just like BTC, ETH and XLM also fell dramatically against the USD. The price crash led $10 billion out of the industry within […]

It has become more than apparent the current cryptocurrency price momentum is not doing too many people any favors. With Bitcoin getting battered, things start to look progressively worse for Ethereum as well. Its value hit double-digits again yesterday afternoon, but it is now struggling to remain above $85. This is going from bad to […]

Ethereum has turned into an unattended dumpster fire. Let's take a look at the Ethereum price analysis and see what it will take to turn the price around. Ethereum has turned into an unattended dumpster fire. So let's take a look at the Ethereum price analysis and if there is any hope left.

Think you’re working hard at making an extra income even while prices are down? If you’re not careful and don’t heed the warnings about port 8545, you may If you’re not careful and don’t heed the warnings about port 8545, you may just see all your Ethereum disappear overnight.

Ethereum (ETH) is on track for a major decline this week as the bulls failed to defend the price above $90. Earlier this week, Ethereum (ETH) had entered an ascending channel which raised the hopes of buyers but it was short lived as the price broke below that channel soon as Bitcoin (BTC) started to fall. The big picture is still pretty clear and Ethereum (ETH) certainly has completed its correction for the most part.

Blockchain technology, like everything else that can be connected to the internet, is prone to attacks by hackers. Developers need to take extra precautions to protect their dApps and other blockchain-based products from hackers. This is because, crimes committed on the blockchain often go unreported. The vulnerability isn’t just a problem faced by third generation […]

After reaching its all time high of about $1,500, the price of ETH started falling against the USD along with the entire cryptocurrency market. However, the speed of the decline in the price of ETH was higher than that of many other coins. This was mainly because of the number of ICOs that were launched […]

Ethereum [ETH], the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, continues to bleed in the market because of the bear's attack. It is not the only coin to be injured because of the winter animal, other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin [BTC], XRP, Bitcoin Cash [BCHABC], and Litecoin [LTC] have joined the club. Additionally, the cryptocurrency...

Tons more analysis on my blog: For Real Time Alerts, follow me on Twitter: @haejin_crypto Consider downloading my Chrom ...

Tons more analysis on my blog: For Real Time Alerts, follow me on Twitter: @haejin_crypto Consider downloading my Chrom ...

Let's discuss the Constantinople hard fork that is now scheduled for January. Also, I want to discuss the biggest issue the crypto ecosystem faces in the coming ...

How about we expose what is going on with cryptocurrency and their code. Today we will be reviewing popular project's Github and running it through a quality ...

Сервис Bitsgap В видео Ethereum. Блок 7080000. Активация Constantinople. Курс ETH Разработчики Ethereum в ходе...

A look at Bitcoin & Ethereum market today. Nictrades shows you how she uses technical analysis to read the markets and what to look for in the next 24 hours.

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Ethereum developers have announced the date for the hard fork to upgrade the blockchain, what are the coming upgrades and can Ethereum continue to ...


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As long as the level of 117 cannot be exceeded, price movements trapped inside the channel can be seen.

As you can see ETH has been consolidating in a bearish descending triangle in the same pattern as we had in order to break $100. If we fail to break out and hold above $90 then we will restest the support at $80.00. CFM still under 0 on most time frames which is not looking that good. Breaking this will lead to swift losses. Slowly building a shor...


When will the eth sell off Subside. 10day is calling for a bit lower. Does the demand for Eth change with a change to POS?



eth- short

eth short 1. Entry 2. Tp 1- 2 3. Stoploss

ETH has hit the bottom of lead-in and there has to be a bounce to the 150 area from this position,


Buy signal came from reliable algo as expected. Average long win trade = 35.89 %. Low frequency, no repaint no compound

ETHUSD study

Both scenarios included.


Lol, my metatrader 4 is stuck. Wonder if it hit my trail stop.


Long: 85 Target: 126 SL: 65

road of ETH

Ethereum to 60$ level as long as we are under 93 level!


Did a TA on ETH against USD. The key resistance at $100 is still valid and ETH is now back down at approximately $87. Theres a chance that it might continue to slowly inch down towards the support at $83 if the bearish forces continues. However, it seems like it consolidating within $83 and $93 right now in a trend channel.

The bears have failed at the first attempt to the support of the 2018 low. There was simply not enough selling volume. Now before we get too subjective, bulls or bears, this volume behavior is pretty standard inside of a triangle. Let me explain it a bit more since some might not understand it exactly. What do we usually see inside of a triangle l...

Hello Traders! ETH has now hit a LL. We could see a bounce up here but the momentum is with the sellers! On the downtrend we can see no real pull back from the buyers. We could see ETH sit at this level for a while and we will keep an eye on this. I will update with the direction we are going soon. Please support this analysis with your likes, fol...

Im testing a new time pivot finder technique derived from gann geometric fractals. enjoy! Cheers, Keops

The ethereum price seems to be following it's big brother's sell momentum. It is thus right not to try to catch this falling knifwe as well. The 1-hour chart shows price nearing the upper resistance of the descending triangle, and it makes us more confident that sells are the only way to go. As always, play it carefully with these cryptocurrencies...

We observe that Recent 10 days accumulated transaction volume is around 4 times to 5 times large than middle of October. The 10 days accumulated transaction volume was around 800K to 1.3M during middle of Oct (15th, Oct) to 13th Nov. The 10 days accumulated transaction volume was around 5 M to 6 M from 20th Nov. to current date. Price keeping 83 t...