Price ($): 0.23302 (1.04428%)

Price (฿): 0.00006217609726642451

Market Cap: $110M

Volume (24h): $7M

ICON (CURRENCY:ICX) traded up 1.7% against the U.S. dollar during the one day period ending at 3:00 AM ET on January 24th. One ICON coin can currently be bought for about $0.22 or 0.00006182 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges including Bithumb, Bitbns, Allbit and ABCC. ICON has a market cap of $106.30 million and approximately $5.50 […]

Technical analysis predicts if a price will rise or fall with analyzing past price trends. It is totally useful for traders. Cryptocurrency price predictions should be treated with caution. It is pretty difficult to examine such a new technological innovation. ICON (ICX) Price Today – ICX / USD ICX Coin is the cryptocurrency that is […]

Bitcoin is the first and the original cryptocurrency, representing the prototype of the first blockchain-based digital asset in the market. Given the fact that Bitcoin also makes up for the top coin among over 2000 live trading cryptocurrencies, with a market cap of over 110 billion dollars, many investors are interested in its value, following […]

The release of a video which linked Julian Hosp, Tenx co-founder as part of Lyonnes (an Australian business described as a Ponzi scheme in different European countries), could have an effect on his reputation. In this video, Hosp was seen presenting an online “workshop”, in which he explained to people involved, the appropriate procedures to […]

Cardano has displayed an immense growth in the couple of months. It has a credible team and bright future. No scam actions like some other competitors. The 8th biggest cryptocurrency by market cap had a rough time the past few months, as its co-founder Charles Hoskinson expressed his displeasure with the Cardano Community in an […]

Why you shouldn’t ignore EOS? The cryptocurrency market has been in a bearish mood during 2018. The market was in a bullish phase in the month of December last year and ever since then, it has been cooling off. Even the 4 biggest cryptocurrencies namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple/XRP as well as Bitcoin Cash have been […]

Ripple Price Prediction 2018: Can XRP rise to $5 in 2019 – XRP Price / Ripple News Today: XRP has been one of the most popular cryptocurrency in the market. Also, with the Ripple Inc. inking more and more agreements with various corporations as well as banks, the influence of XRP is significantly increasing. The […]

ICX is on the verge of becoming the largest network in the world. The blockchain which is used by ICX is known by the name of Hyperconnectivity. It is consistently impressed the investors ever since it was launched. At the same point in time, the market cap of ICX as a cryptocurrency is also increasing […]

Just some hours after the Coinbase made it public that it was exploring listing thirty-one new digital assets, the exchange’s pro version informed the crypto trading community of its plans to list the ERC20 tokens of district0x (DNT), Civic (CVC), Decentraland (MANA), and Loom Network (LOOM). The announcement then explained why the exchange listed the […]

Cryptocurrency predictions: Many different analysts are tracking different cryptocurrencies. That is why the predictions of them also vary in terms of the price levels. We have today not only taken all of those predictions into account but averaged them to outperform a range in which the cryptocurrency will trade in the near future. Bitcoin Price […]

TRON (TRX) is easily one of the most recognizable currencies in the crypto market, partially due to the social involvement of TRON’s founder and CEO, Justin Sun, who is a rather active member on social networks like Twitter. TRON (TRX) Price Today – TRX / USD Moreover, TRON, previously hosted on Ethereum blockchain, is now […]

A report released by the popular CoinGecko blog was the latest report which detailed what it found on Ethereum during the third quarter of this year. Where Is Ethereum Going? 5 Predictions for Ether Price and Value in 2018 Ethereum (ETH) Price Today – BTC / USD What did they find? Some of the details […]

VERGE is one of the best among a large group of security centered coins and to bend a piece of the overall industry for it is central. Regardless of the clear positive value incline, XVG has neglected to ace and keep up an uptrend. The cryptographic money has kept up a downtrend. Verge XVG gained […]

Although there are many coins in the crypto coin industry, the good ones are mostly those who constantly announce their names. In 2017, Cardano was launched in Tokyo. Since then, ADA, Cardano’s crypto currency, has been one of the world’s top 10 crypto currencies. Since October 1st, ADA trading has been made. One of the […]

Technical analysis predicts if a price will rise or fall with analyzing past price trends. It is totally useful for traders. Cryptocurrency price predictions should be treated with caution. It is pretty difficult to examine such a new technological innovation. ICON (ICX) Price Today – ICX / USD ICX Coin is the cryptocurrency that is […]

Apple has added a list of Ripple’s XRP token to the stock market application. This will allow Apple users to keep their cryptographic currency prices up to date around the world. Ripple is the money that has the most trading pair in the Apple stock exchange application Ripple, US dollar (USD), euro (EUR), Great Britain […]

HTC is set to take first place as the market’s most effective blockchain phone. It seems to have a genuine commitment towards the community. Also, they accept payments in cryptocurrencies in order to promote their use as well as include 3rd party softwares that utilizes these technologies. Brave Software CEO, Mr. Brendan Eich, expressed his […]

Stellar Lumens (XLM) definitely belongs to the list of top gainers this year as the crypto managed to collect over 600% of gains on its YTD charts. Moreover, Stellar skyrocketed months before to take the spot of the once top 5th crypto, Litecoin (LTC), which means that XLM is now holding the spot of the […]

Is Bitcoin Dead (BTC): A Bubble Or A Stable Investment? Is Crypto Dead? Is Cryptocurrency Dead? 2019 2020 2025 Since the majority of crypto enthusiasts dubbed 2018 as the revolutionary year for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, we have seen lots of use cases bei ng adopted from various cryptos, however, the market seems to be […]

Technical analysis predicts if a price will rise or fall with analyzing past price trends. It is totally useful for traders. Cryptocurrency price predictions should be treated with caution. It is pretty difficult to examine such a new technological innovation. ICON (ICX) Price Today – ICX / USD ICX Coin is the cryptocurrency that is […]

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In this video I talk about some reasons why ICX icon coin will be wildly successful in the long run.

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Hey ICON! Could that be a nice inverted left shoulder against the USD? #icon #icx #bitcoin.

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ICON( ICXBTC) has hit an all-time low on 6 feb and the next day a big volume came in. In my opinion that was the bottom and like always there is only a way to go ( up up we go) On the chart above: In the first descending triangle, we can see that a breakout on the down side took place and the price went down. In the second triangle, a breakout on ...

Just made an idea as per previous swings like a mirror image. Both swings indication made with a different color to easily differentiate. Arrows indicating movement...

ICX has been moving sideways for a while now which might be a sign of a accumulation in preparation of new bull market. Icon is a solid project with working main net and good team with decent PPT. Buy - green. Sell - red. It's not a financial advice. Trade carefully and good luck!

ICON Buy area

this is the problem of new coins use fibo..Not financial advice

$ICX Last 3 trades on #ICX were really profitable using the UCTS ( 43%, 13%, 23% still open position). Unfortunatelly this asset broke its ATL and now its hard to know when it will stop bleeding. RSI is reaching oversold levels, so selling now may not be the best idea...or it is?

We have had a few solid trades off ICX in the last week or so, failed attempted to set up for EW recently with a bearish divergence formed on the closes, and can see a gartley harmonic pattern brewing. Ideal drop to the 786 retracement over all puts a good bounce possibility at around .0000550 btc We always teach our members to be conservative whe...


Two strong candle entries. watchlist it! Idea only.

icx support

#ICX daily inverted chart. New all time low reached. Great risk to reward ratio for longing for a LONG term play. Uncertain about short-medium term due to Bitcoin's uncertainty but if you aren't already scaling in here then you should highly consider it at these levels for a long term investment in a fundamentally strong project.

Reversal Pattern should breach; approximate likelihood 80%. The Target Area is justified using the common fib levels and the 400MA approximately coinciding. Timmy!

as you see guys it was obvious head and shoulders pattern on daily time frame volume is dropping the target of H&S is the length from the head to the neckline so that would be around 16% dump I am gonna place low bids just in case flash dump happens

inbefore #samsung partnership we love you #korea


Aggressive candle entry! Follow suggestions on chart. Buy at fractal points. Idea only!

ICX hammer w vol

like this for a shortterm spike

ICX/BTC PA new all time lows on daily/hourly no support left, uncharted waters for this coin bearish outlook


Head and shoulders pattern on the Icon chart