Price ($): 14.4740 (1.40121%)

Price (฿): 0.0015835237292855988

Market Cap: $1020M

Volume (24h): $619M

Loopring [NEO] (CURRENCY:LRN) traded 2.3% higher against the US dollar during the 1 day period ending at 14:00 PM E.T. on April 10th. During the last week, Loopring [NEO] has traded up 12.1% against the US dollar. Loopring [NEO] has a total market cap of $11.34 million and $92,242.00 worth of Loopring [NEO] was traded […]

Connor Scothern, left, and Alice Cutter, who are on trial accused of being part of a banned organisation (SWNS). A neo-Nazi terror suspect likened the right-wing ideology of outlawed National Action to views held by Donald Trump and the Labour Party, a court heard. Garry Jack, 23, claimed the US President

Uganda Airlines, the national carrier of Uganda, has firmed up its order for two A330-800 airliners, the latest version of the most popular A330 widebody airliner. Fitted with the new Airspace by Airbus cabin, the A330neo will bring a range of benefits to Uganda Airlines and its customers, offering unrivalled efficiencies combined with the most […]

Read more about HC seeks DGCA, Centre stand on plea to ground A-320 Neo aircraft with P&W engines on Business-standard. The Delhi High Court Friday sought responses of the Centre and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on a plea seeking grounding of all Airbus 320 Neo aircraft fitted with the troubled Pratt and Whitney engines. A bench of Chief Justice Rajendra Menon and Justice A J Bhambhani asked the DGCA and the Ministry of Civil Aviation to indicate their stand on the issue by August 8, saying there have been several instances recently of problems with Airbus Neo 320 planes flying on this specific engine. On April 2, a Pune-Nagpur flight of IndiGo -- an Airbus A320 Neo -- was grounded soon after take-off due to "excessive engine vibrations". This, according to industry sources, was the sixth such incident in the past two weeks. In the application, moved before the high court by former director of Flight Safety of Indian Airlines Captain S S Panesar, it has been contended that the Airbus aircraft fitted with the Pratt and Whitney (P&W) engines are not 100 per cent safe. P&W is ...

SEABROOK — A New England-based Antifa group is calling on the Chop Shop Pub to cancel a Finnish metal band's show because of its alleged neo-Nazi ties, but the bar's owner said the performance is still on for Tuesday.North Shore Antifa, a Boston-area chapter of the militant national anti-fascist movement of the same name, posted recently on its blog that the band, Horna, has two members with "strong ties" to neo-Nazis. Other Antifa groups around the country have successfully

On several occasions, I’ve used this column to espouse the benefits of a lower rate of human population growth. Invariably I hear that I have missed the point; many claim that environmental impacts are driven by the high consumption patterns of modern society and not by the number of people. My argument is that both people and consumption are central, as John Holdren and Paul Ehrlich pointed out years ago, with their equation: Impact = People x Affluence X Technology (IPAT).

Elected MP Ruuben Kaalep, from the Conservative People's Party of Estonia (EKRE), has a long history of close association with far-right, white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups and figures, according to an article published by investigative weekly Eesti Ekspress on Wednesday.

Read more about Congress trying to finish neo-middle class in country: Modi on Business-standard. Prime Minister Narendra Modi Wednesday accused the Congress of trying to "finish" the emerging "neo-middle class" of the country, which he said is a product of the poverty eradication policies of the BJP-led NDA government in the past five years. Addressing 'Vijay Sankalp Sabha' near Panaji in Goa as part of the BJP's campaign for the Lok Sabha election, Modi said his government has succeeded in reining in inflation, which was high during the previous Congress rule. "My government has been successful in controlling inflation. For the middle class families, inflation is one of the important issues. The middle class would have found it difficult had we governed like the Congress did when inflation spiralled into double digits. But we brought it down to 4 per cent," he said. Modi further said the middle class extremely benefitted from the budgetary measure to grant income tax exemption on income of up to Rs 5 lakh. "The BJP respects the contribution of tax players, and that is the reason ...

Connor Scothern, left, and Alice Cutter, who are on trial accused of being part of a banned organisation (SWNS). A neo-Nazi terror suspect likened the right-wing ideology of outlawed National Action to views held by Donald Trump and the Labour Party, a court heard. Garry Jack, 23, claimed the US President

Cryptocurrency predictions: Many different analysts are tracking different cryptocurrencies. That is why the predictions of them also vary in terms of the price levels. We have today not only taken all of those predictions into account but averaged them to outperform a range in which the cryptocurrency will trade in the near future. Table of […]

NEO coin was launched in early 2014 as AntShares, and the cryptocurrency has the ability to develop a network of decentralized applications which is scalable. NEO rebranded itself from AntShares to NEO coin during June of 2017. A total of 100 million NEO coins were developed, about 50 percent of that was sold to investors. Where […]

SINGAPORE - The Singapore Slingers took a step backwards in their bid for a semi-final spot in the Asean Basketball League play-offs on Thursday (April 4), narrowly losing 80-78 to the Macau Black Bears but coach Neo Beng Siang is still confident his team will make it.. Read more at

BTC/USD Yesterday, the price of Bitcoin was sitting at $4198.5 at the open from where it started increasing parabolically by 21.13% measured to the highest point the price has been today which is at $5081. Looking at the hourly chart you can see that the price came up to the 1.618 Fibonacci level extension where it was stopped out on yesterday's spike before coming back below it only for a proper interaction today. Counting the sub-waves of the current ascending structure I have counted Minuette five waves which is why now I believe that we are to see some consolidative structure develop which would be a retracement, most likely to the lower Fibonacci level at $4685.5. This consolidative structure would be the 4th wave from the Minor degree count which means that another increase would be expected after it ends. This five-wave increase that we have seen was expected to develop after further downside from 25th of March but it looks like the three-wave correction which was expected to

The works of five neo-expressionistic painters will be on display at a group exhibition opening in Hanoi on April 3. The artists are Nguyen Van The, Phạm Thanh Toan, Hoang Khanh Du, Dang Thanh, and Le Thua Ngoc Hai, who have chosen neo-expressionism to send a message about life and their dreams.

The term ‘bogan’, used by ‘Egg Boy’ to describe a group of neo-Nazi’s who attacked him at a Melbourne rally recently, missed the mark, writes Chloe Koffman. The tragedy of the recent Christchurch massacre has left both Australia and New Zealand grieving. In the aftermath of this heinous act and the revelation that the attackerMore

Last Thursday, the neo-Nazi group Feuerkrieg Division (FKD), inspired by James Mason’s Siege and the Atomwaffen Division, posted propaganda on their Gab account calling for violence against MEP Guy Verhofstadt. In addition to the threat on the former Prime Minister of Belgium, the image seen by New

They use codewords, encrypted messaging, secret drops in Indian restaurants and “bagmen” to deliver cash or pick up operatives in the field. The nine-strong team are not counterterrorism police or MI5, but volunteers for the charity Hope Not Hate who have led the battle against Britain’s rising far-

A black activist who says he took control over one of the nation's largest neo-Nazi groups was barred Thursday from participating on the group's behalf in a federal lawsuit over the violence that erupted at a white nationalist rally in Virginia. U. S. Magistrate Judge Joel Hoppe ruled that James Hart Stern cannot represent the National Socialist Movement because he is not an attorney and didn't comply with the court's order to hire one.

Read more about India's middle class, neo-middle class to be largest vote component in 2024 polls: Jaitley on Business-standard. Noting that India's socio-economic character has significantly altered in the past few years, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said on Thursday that the country's middle class and neo-middle class will be the largest vote component in the 2024 general elections."We are at an important cusp of history. If I look back in the last five years, India has changed and like any other country, it is evolving from developing status to improve its economic quality and quality of the lives of the people," he said at the annual conference of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) here."It is important to keep our integrity. Our socio-economic character is significantly altering. By 2024 elections, India's middle-class and neo-middle class will be the largest vote component," said Jaitley adding the quality of public discourse and policies will need to be different."For almost five years, India has been the fastest growing economy despite several obstacles like bad monsoon and a global slowdown. I ...

NEO, formerly known as Antshares, focuses on building a smart economy by blending digital assets, digital identities, and smart contracts. It is a blockchain platform that is designed to build a scalable network of dApps. NEO tokens generate a slow deflationary amount of GAS tokens which are used to pay for transactions on the network. […]

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G.Skill have some new memory coming for the launch of Ryzen 3000 CPUs and today they explain how they tune their memory and also what new model of ...

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Major altcoin news! NEO upgrades its Mainnet, lists more coins, first swap on Tomochain, big Nexo announcement​, Tezos activated upgrade by ...

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We proudly present the first hit "Do they know it's Europe" by "Comedians for Worldpeace" powered by Neo Magazin Royale, Ta Teden z Juretom Godlerjem, ...

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We proudly present the first hit "Do they know it's Europe" by "Comedians for Worldpeace" powered by Neo Magazin Royale, Ta Teden z Juretom Godlerjem, ...

A minor far-right radical party in Germany called the 'Dritte Weg', or 'Third Path' is trying to boost its draw with marches evoking the country's Nazi past and ...

Some thoughts on NEO joining FaZe Clan on trial. Want exclusives like the ability to ask me a question in my monthly AMA or have input into my content?

This altcoin experienced an over 90% retracement. This is an amazing occasion to buy and accumulate as many NEO's as possible. GL & HF ;)


Bullish triangle Buy

We mapped out the bigger play for NEO and just hit our 3rd wave. Well done


NEOUSD: SHORT Base price: 10$ Target 1: 9.41$ Target 2: 9.29$ Target 3: 9.05$ Stop loss: 10.39$ 1:51, R:R Ratio (target 1) 1:82, R:R Ratio (target 2) 2:44, R:R Ratio (target 3)

neo to 4usd

buy at 4usd

Feeling Thirsty?

NEO/BTC bounced from bottom channel. On the USD pair, the (light blue) IHS appears to have bestened the smaller (purple) HS.

Volume profile is commonly used for identifying basic support and resistance levels. This is a reactive method to identify support and resistance . Unlike proactive methods such as trend lines and moving averages which are based on current price action to predict future price movements. Reactive methods provide meaningful interpretation to price l...

NEO levels

38.2% retrace off september -> december 2018 decline coinciding with the sept 2017 low. Key daily pitchfork

NEOUSD is looking to rally hard while BTC and majors like LTC , EOS , and ETH continue to consolidate. Look for buy for upside.


called bottom at $5 with daily bear divs, now we have price approaching 200DSMA, looking bullish. hold for a year

On the Matrix again ?


If we break the trendline the target will be Oct-Nov levels. On the bearish side the pattern is looking flagish.I would set alerts for the both sides, because the moves are going to be significant.


Short the fourth

THis is education on this one Not advice. Le'ts see if it happens. Lot has to happen. I would be shocked if it did.

NEO looks to have hit a top, perhaps only temporary. The moves have been pretty confined to Fib Ratios. Plotted as anticipated Support and Resistance zones. 12.90 is first possbile support, but close to resistance. 12.20 is a good possibility but with tight Stop Loss. 10.90 would be an Ideal entry with 10.00 as stop loss. 10.00 is just too obvious...

All big names were bough aggressively today. So if there are institutional money you DON'T want to chase the price ! They will wash you out ! Wait for pullback in this particular case 12/10,5. I do believe we will see bigger volatility hence sharper pullbacks...

NEOUSD this Crypto instrument is trending Up 1st Buy Bullish Alert Enabled, positioned March 27 Upside Objective 1500 ABO Level 7000 Learn how to win with, Easy Color Application Rules maximize your true potential now with razor sharp technology ...follow Us

I wrote this chart at Feb 25, 2019 and decide to publish now

NEO long idea

Good setup but requires patience.