Price ($): 0.50187 (2.69603%)

Price (฿): 0.00014564938404278618

Market Cap: $12M

Volume (24h): $0M

Swiss-based cryptocurrency organization, Bity, has added their support for XMR for use at ATM terminals. XMR/USD trading up on Friday, with gains of over 3% at the time of writing. Despite this, weekly chart view still points to the downside. XMR/USD is trading in positive territory on Friday, having gained over 3% during the session. […]

If anyone is in need of a harsh reminder of the precarious nature of the altcoin market, one could do worse than to browse historical cryptocurrency data charts. Of particular note is the severe lack of presence by a vast majority of coins which would have been considered major altcoins just five years ago. Bitcoin, […]

NeosCoin (CURRENCY:NEOS) traded 5.2% lower against the dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 19:00 PM Eastern on December 5th. Over the last seven days, NeosCoin has traded 25% lower against the dollar. NeosCoin has a total market cap of $610,388.00 and approximately $1,415.00 worth of NeosCoin was traded on exchanges in the last […]

XLM bears are pressing hard for a drop below the big $0.10 mark, as markets remains down across the board. There could be room for another 8% price drop if support is broken, looking via the XLM/BTC chart view. Stellar’s XLM is subject to giving up the big $0.10 level. Across the board there have […]

There has been a slew of bitcoin mining rigs announced during the last 12 months that claim to process more terahash per second while consuming less With cryptocurrency prices so low, lots of newly launched mining machines are not profitable and many of them haven't even shipped yet.

Ethereum developers report that Constantinople hard fork is estimated on 16th January 2019. ETH/USD could be driven down further to May 2017 low, around the $60 territory. Constantinople Set for January Implementation ETH/USD in the late part of trading on Friday surged some chunky 17%. An update on the highly anticipated Constantinople hard fork launch […]

BCH/USD has broken the recent bottom area of $150, making room for another wave of selling. Roger Ver, speaking to Bloomberg in Tokyo, was bullish on the long-term fundamentals of cryptocurrencies in general. The Bitcoin Cash price continues to get slammed by the market bears, with a lack of mercy being shown. BCH/USD is currently […]

IOTA and Audi partnership is said to be progressing forward, according to Audi representative. Price action for IOTA remains tilted to the downside, and a bearish technical set up eyed. IOTA (MIOTA) price remains very much depressed, in line with current stubborn market conditions. It continues to trade around the lowest levels seen since July […]

The profitability of maintaining and producing blocks for the EOS blockchain is already null and void, according to a recent survey. Of the twenty-six block producers who took part in the survey, all of them indicated that the current coin price of EOS has left them at a financial loss. Barely Hanging On Block producers […]

  Zcash saw a decent bounce on Wednesday, jumping over 6%, but technical there are still some vulnerabilities. Coinbase as part of their ‘12 days of Coinbase’ campaign, will be giving away ZEC to families in need in Venezuela. ZEC/USD enjoyed a string of gains on Wednesday, jumping as much as 6% in the session. […]

EOS (EOS) turned the tide on recent losses on Sunday, and gained 22.8% on its value amid a generally green day for the crypto market. EOS had fallen to a series of new yearly lows in previous weeks, falling as low as $1.56 on Friday, Dec 7th – a thirteen month low. That was the […]

LTC/USD is at serious danger of another hard fall should the range-block seen be breached. Back in December 2013, the price was at current levels and fell down to $1 over a two-year period. Litecoin has been heavily weighted to the downside of late. The selling pressure intensified through the month of November. This month, […]

Cryptocurrency prices extended their slide on Thursday, as the total market cap came within striking distance of new yearly lows, signaling the continuation of the bottoming process. Market Update The total value of cryptocurrencies reached a low of $119.2 billion on Thursday, falling within a comparable range of last month’s swing low. The crypto market […]

Peercoin (CURRENCY:PPC) traded up 0.9% against the US dollar during the 24 hour period ending at 0:00 AM Eastern on December 4th. Peercoin has a total market capitalization of $17.85 million and $177,866.00 worth of Peercoin was traded on exchanges in the last day. One Peercoin coin can currently be bought for approximately $0.71 or […]

BNB/USDT moving within an ascending channel formation, subject to a breakout to the downside. There is much anticipation ahead of Binance’s DEX launch, expected in early 2019. Binance Coin (BNB) has made a decent recovery since being slammed in November and into the early part of December. The price had initially dropped a whopping 58%, […]

ADA remains vulnerable to further downside pressure, and there is potential for another 50% drop. IOHK launch two new Cardano tools, ‘Plutus’ and Marlowe for smart contract writing. Cardano’s ADA price has been very much depressed for the past five weeks now, dropping well over 60% within this period. As a result, ADA/BTC it has […]

Charles Hoskinson projects some form of action from the SEC on EOS. EOS/USD enjoys a relief rally on Wednesday, as price moves further north following recent bounce. The EOS price hasn’t done much but decline of late. Back in August, EOS/USD entered into a very stubborn narrowing range. The price had been confined within this […]

KFC to start accepting DASH payments in Venezula, as adoption across the country continues. DASH/USDT has seen a firm bounce, producing a daily hammer candlestick, indicating of a reversal on the cards. DASH/USDT has bounced over the past three sessions, a promising change from the bearish sentiment seen. Through the month of November, which was […]

XRP/USD price action is moving within a range-block, subject to an extended move lower. American Express are singing praises above the speed of Ripple’s technology. XRP/USD price has stabilized, after the renewed chunky wave of selling pressure that hit the market. The price last week was forced to drop a whopping 30%. This came following […]

Infinity Economics (CURRENCY:XIN) traded 1% lower against the dollar during the 24-hour period ending at 16:00 PM Eastern on December 6th. Infinity Economics has a total market capitalization of $0.00 and approximately $14.77 million worth of Infinity Economics was traded on exchanges in the last 24 hours. One Infinity Economics coin can currently be bought […]

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ppc long

read the chart

ppc btc q4 2018

long term trend reversal or just testing new resistance, anyway, possible impulse wave up.

As a new technical analyst (if that is what we call ourselves), I am still learning the ins and outs of each trend, pattern, name, etc. I noticed this earlier on and it did end up dropping heavily as would happen with a head and shoulders. My question is: Would everyone consider this a legitimate head and shoulders, OR does there need to more of a...

We are adding Peercoin to our Long Term portfolio with minimum 18 Months holding Period. Limited Downside from here with upside of 400-1000% from current levels. Current USD Value is 2.32 DYOR as always. Do not ask us for fundamentals as we have no idea what this coin is all about. Our call is purely based on Technicals

PPC Once again

PCC very close to Demand area be ready to pick up it ,Scope of buy start from 0.00024338 to 0.00019924 Stop-Loss Break 0.00014147 and close under it daily Targets 0.00032362 0.00041454 0.00057518 0.00065400 Set your own risk. Follow Capital management. Invest:10% we ask Allah reconcile and repay. Previous analysis

looks like a decent cup and handle setting up for confirmation

Peercoin idea

Watch PPC and this lovely trendline, buy on break. In 2018 we could see a huge gain

Although many trades could be taken based on the underlying math of ‘The Calculator’, my own (conservative) trading rules say that it’s NOT about the quantity of trades. It’s about the QUALITY of the trade. I call it ‘predictable probability’. If you find this analysis of any value or merit, please provide a COMMENT and/or a THUMBS UP. Thanks in a...


PPC will have green next days buy 0.00014-0.00015 sell 0.00017-0.00018


Describe what you think and why.

We have been watching Peercoin for some time now, We are surveying this coin for our own personal reference guide, but please feel free to also utilize it for your personal reference as well, but we are not financial advisers and this is not investment advice. so be sure to check as well and do your own ongoing research if this project interests y...

you will now. good luck.

Price stable bottom being rejected. Might bounce in few hours. Rsi has much room to grow.

I've been calling this in my twitter for a while now. I don't even have to put any indicators on this one.

PPC breaks out in a huge move by this 2 days and is testing the first strong resistance at around 25263 sats. After this huge breakout there will be a correction towards point (B) in the chart. Both 50EMA and 89EMA are below the price which are a good indications for an accumulation move. But the accumulation must be done when the correction is do...

All 3 EMA's coming together but still below the 200 day EMA. PPC Is on a support level and also a recent channel support line. Reviewing PPCs price history I believe PPC will break both supports and fall below the 20 50 and 100 day EMA down to the 0.000260 area and drop as low as the 0.000230 level before nice FA rockets PPC out of the downward ch...

median line, upper limit

This is the results from a chart scanner I wrote. Tell me what you think.

PPC recently had a big spike. The volume continues to grow also which is a very good sign. 00084/BTC is main resistance for now. If that is broken chart shows another big spike is possible