Price ($): 0.51596 (8.90442%)

Price (฿): 0.00013766807179078254

Market Cap: $32M

Volume (24h): $0M

Santiment Network Token (CURRENCY:SAN) traded up 2.9% against the U.S. dollar during the 24 hour period ending at 18:00 PM ET on February 17th. Over the last week, Santiment Network Token has traded up 2.7% against the U.S. dollar. One Santiment Network Token token can currently be purchased for $0.47 or 0.00012919 BTC on popular […]

The fintech startup Acorns is now valued at $860 million, CNBC reports. In the latest funding round, led by NBCUniversal and Comcast Ventures, the company got $105 million in funding. This millennial-oriented app enables smart investments by automatically investing small change left over from credit and debit card payments. It also offers education on fiscal matters. […]

Earlier this month, crypto asset manager Bitwise filed a Form S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission to act as a sponsor for a physically held bitcoin ETF listed on NYSE Arca. Amidst the S-1 filling, NYSE Arca filed a request to rule changes (a Rule 19b-4 filing) in order to better facilitate an ETF approval and […]

On January 22, 1984, Apple released the 1984 commercial – a campaign that only aired once and promised massive disruption in the technology space. Directed by Ridley Scott and featuring Anya Major storming a brainwashing session by PC drones, the commercial changed the way people thought about technology and the subsequent system – the Apple Lisa which morphed […]

While it’s no secret that the ongoing partial U.S. government shutdown has greatly impacted the American economy, the crypto industry has not been exempt from its effects either, CCN writes. With multiple federal agencies responsible for digital currency regulation being forced to shut down operations for over a month, many companies are left with a […]

Steemit’s management has seen a reshuffling, with former head of communications Elizabeth Powell being appointed CEO, and former director Ned Scott being named executive chairman, according to a company blog post.  The restructuring comes after massive downsizing in November, when the blockchain-powered social network that pays contributors in crypto laid off 70 per cent of its workforce. The firm […]

The U.S. Government has officially made illegal all forms of online gambling involving interstate transactions, Bloomberg reports. The U.S. Justice Department reversed its position from 2011 that said only interstate sports betting was illegal, in accordance to the U.S. Wire Act of 1961. However, under the department’s new interpretation of the act, all online gambling […]

Santiment Network Token (CURRENCY:SAN) traded up 0.5% against the dollar during the one day period ending at 10:00 AM E.T. on January 29th. Santiment Network Token has a total market capitalization of $28.42 million and approximately $20,430.00 worth of Santiment Network Token was traded on exchanges in the last day. During the last seven days, […]

A new report from Chainalysis suggests that the biggest breaches of the cryptocurrency world were likely not executed by individual hackers, Wall Street Journal writes. Contrary to a popular belief, the analysis of transaction flows has shown that most of the hacks could be attributed to two distinct hacker groups, dubbed Alpha and Beta by […]

Kik CEO Ted Livingston is looking to go head-to-head with regulators over the designation of his firm’s native cryptocurrency, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. Livingston told the WSJ that the enforcement division of the Securities and Exchange Commission believes that Kik issued an unregistered security when it sold $100 million worth of “kin” […]

In the midst of crypto winter, the blockchain ecosystem is still thriving in Switzerland and Liechtenstein’s Crypto Valley, according to research by Switzerland-based crypto investment company CV VC. The number of blockchain-based companies has risen by 121, from 629 to 750. Among them, there are four unicorns—Bitmain, Cardano, Dfinity, and Ethereum. This notable 20 per […]

After a long wait, Overstock has launched its new security token trading platform—tZERO. The platform began trading Thursday afternoon, the company announced in a press release. Traders can now sign in up through Dinosaur Financial Group, which serves as the broker-dealer for tZERO. For the time being, investors will only be able to trade tZERO’s […]

Blockstack, the blockchain startup, announced Wednesday that it has brought on Saurabh Pathak, a former BlackRock executive, as its Financial Controller.  BlackRock, the $6 trillion money manager, is the largest firm of its kind on Wall Street. Pathak prior to going Blockstack most recently oversaw $4 trillion in assets for the firm as controller of […]

French data protection regulator Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL) fined Google 50 million euros for breaking General Data Protection Regulation, the EU‘s data protection rules that took effect on May, 25 2018. CNIL imposed the penalty “for lack of transparency, inadequate information and lack of valid consent regarding the ads personalisation.” According […]

Santiment Network Token (CURRENCY:SAN) traded 4.3% higher against the US dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 22:00 PM Eastern on January 10th. One Santiment Network Token token can now be purchased for about $0.36 or 0.00010410 BTC on popular exchanges including IDEX, Liqui, LATOKEN and Ethfinex. Santiment Network Token has a market capitalization […]

The largest bank in Belarus is reportedly debating the launch of a cryptocurrency exchange. According to  telegraph agency BelTA, Belarusbank has decided to place digitization among its main areas of focus for 2019 in an effort to keep up with the dynamically evolving banking sector. “At present things are changing very fast and we need to keep […]

In Japan, most payments involve paper bills and metal coins.  The country has an estimated $18 billion a year in costs related to cash registers, vehicles to move money and “probably over 200,000” ATMs according to MIT Technology Review. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants 40% of payments to be cashless by 2025 and in August, the […]

Santiment Network Token (CURRENCY:SAN) traded down 0.4% against the US dollar during the 1 day period ending at 20:00 PM ET on January 3rd. During the last week, Santiment Network Token has traded 0.6% lower against the US dollar. One Santiment Network Token token can currently be purchased for $0.31 or 0.00008708 BTC on popular […]

Santiment Network Token (CURRENCY:SAN) traded up 0% against the U.S. dollar during the one day period ending at 4:00 AM Eastern on January 10th. Santiment Network Token has a market cap of $19.70 million and approximately $5,743.00 worth of Santiment Network Token was traded on exchanges in the last day. During the last week, Santiment […]

Santiment Network Token (CURRENCY:SAN) traded up 3.1% against the US dollar during the 24 hour period ending at 10:00 AM Eastern on December 31st. One Santiment Network Token token can currently be purchased for $0.32 or 0.00008901 BTC on popular exchanges including HitBTC, OKEx, Ethfinex and IDEX. Santiment Network Token has a total market cap […]

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Here is an alt coin that is not as popular as some of the other cheap ones, but the chart is very clear and compelling. A chart is a chart, no matter how irrational or ridiculous the fundamentals may be. Compared to alts at similar prices like XRP and IOT, SAN is exhibiting greater relative strength and bullish structure. A retrace to the .39 and/...

XRP - Buy Signal

I think XRP will grow up soon. Target 0.5 next week

SANUSD Short to 0.225

Watching the graphs of a few assets currently and SAN has shown a possible support line around 0.4000 we are now preparing our next 1 minute position. Key volumes will be monitored prior to our position. Keep an eye on this one for a potential rebound up to 0.6000.

I was bullish on this an many other just two weeks ago, but BTC seems to have different plans for us. Maybe, just maybe ill be on the wrong side of it but am willing to try some shorts. My plan is to sell the top of this channel hopefully sometime in the next 10hrs, if it starts to break down from it ill take a sell too. The pitchfork is taken fro...

SAN Megaphone

Just for myself to see if it stays in it.

Scale in blue boxes. Showing support from Camarilla reversal and VWMA. Not expecting Guppy flip soon; first TP at 200EMA/1.06 and holding spot for midterm profit.

cup and handle high probability of failure

Remember this chart and apply history on todays charts from Bitcoin to even big shit coin!! After Today Dump we will see strong bullish sentiment that will take us to the moon For Btc we will see more than 20k$ by end of Year 2018 and return to this idea if you didn't see 20k$ or more !! Have good trading!!

As you guys will see from my preovious analysis when SAN was at 0.44c we are now awaiting the key market trend moving forwards as to wether to remain long or short on SAN. Modest traders gave the ETF decision a miss and sold into fiat and few have filled their portfolios to gain the potential upside due to the amount of times these ETFs have been ...

LONG TERM ANALYSIS Falling wedge formation in weekly chart. TD sequential- 9 candles completed. Breakout chances higher(If volume spikes up keep an eye on it.) MACD nearing crossing range. NOTE - FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE.

Timeframe: 240M Main Scenario: The rate could drop further after the failure to retest the first warning line (wl1) of the ascending pitchfork. Price has made a valid breakdown below a very strong support area, so, technically, it is expected to drop in the upcoming period. SAN/USD should move down if the Bitcoin will drop as well. Alternative Sce...

In order for the SUN to start to grow as the ETP needs to break through the black trend line and strong price zone 1.15-1.20. This is the key zone for this coin. In the history it is visible, what were the volumes when this zone was punched by buyers or sellers. Looking at the current volumes, it is more likely that the SAN will break the triangle...


Great growth potential. A beautiful triangle out of which will test the level of 78.6 On the breakdown of a triangle you can open a deal


D / Triangle _____________ Wait for directional breakout.

Santiment is a really good token. And I think its going to perform very well in a bull run. We're in a falling wedge right now. And this is the way I guess after this breaking. All the best!

Ascending price action, order book stacked buy side on an illiquid leveraged coin.


Just for myself really to try see what this means. SAN is 8192269 LONG vs 124964 SHORT - this is 65/1 - Im short on these alts these last two weeks despite the recent bounce. I believe BTC is gonna drop, if it goes up all well and good, but I dont see anything crazy in the last drops, there is no fear, pain, OMG WTF etc. We still need to have that...

Chart says it all really, if BTC stays bullish we could see this hit the top of this wedge which is roughly 40% gains. Use a safe SL dont be afraid to take a small loss for good gains. Can be played with margin on Bitfinex. Looking at the daily it is not an out of reach target. This is the pattern http://the...