Price ($): 1.07601 (-12.948%)

Price (฿): 0.00020364673829857604

Market Cap: $16M

Volume (24h): $0M

According to the term formed back in 2013 by a venture capitalist called Aileen Lee, unicorn is a startup company held privately and valued at 1 billion dollars and up. Based on the latest results regarding the IPO that came out on Friday, Lyft, an on-demand transportation company, is ranked as 1-billion-dollar unicorn. Investors previously […]

Skycoin (CURRENCY:SKY) traded up 2.2% against the dollar during the 1-day period ending at 19:00 PM E.T. on April 7th. Skycoin has a total market cap of $21.44 million and $1.63 million worth of Skycoin was traded on exchanges in the last day. One Skycoin coin can now be purchased for about $1.43 or 0.00027558 […]

United American Corp. (UnitedCorp), a digital technologies company has launched a suit against the most active players on the BCHABC camp of the infamous “BCH hash war“, accusing them of manipulating both the market and the major functions of the entire blockchain. The lawsuit was filed before the U.S. District Court for the Southern District […]

Ripple coin which is traded under the name of XRP is ranked as the top 8th cryptocurrency in the world and 3rd when taking a look at the market capitalization. All cryptocurrencies are made in different ways and for different purposes. Bitcoin gained popularity mainly because of the idea of a digital, decentralized currency, meaning that […]

A few days ago, we reported that John McAfee was breaking its commercial relationship with the Skycoin project. He did not provide information about why he decided to do so and he said that he would be talking about it through DM. Nonetheless, after several messages, he has decided to unveil why he took this shocking decision. Why Did John McAfee End its Relationship with Skycoin? John McAfee decided to stop working as an advisor for the Skycoin project in the cryptocurrency space. However, a representative of the Skycoin team explained why he decided to break his cooperation with the team. Apparently, the reason behind it is the fact that McAfee supports "whale fucking." This practice is an abuse that has become very popular in New Zealand regarding humpback whales. THe Skycoin community on social media has also explained that they have decided to reject McAfee's services. Apparently, the comments related to sexual intercourse with whales bothered the Skycoin team. On March 20, Synth,

Cardano has what it takes to make great gains in the future. Once completed, it will become one of the Cryptos most advanced projects, due to it’s secure and highly scalable nature. Cardano is built on the science philosophy and research. However due to the fact that a peer-review of every accomplishment must be made, […]

Skycoin (SKY) hits new $-0.0199511999999999 price after -1.78% decline on March 16-17  The EN Bulletin

Skycoin (SKY) had a bad 24 hours as the cryptocurrency declined $-0.0199511999999999 or -1.78% trading at $1.10130624. According to International ...

Although still ranked as the 9th largest crypto, being one of the top ten trading currencies, with the latest dips in November, ADA went down even on its YTD charts. The crypto was able to acquire some positive returns on its year to date charts, however, after the dip that went on for weeks with […]

Skycoin (CURRENCY:SKY) traded up 1.5% against the US dollar during the 1-day period ending at 7:00 AM Eastern on April 6th. One Skycoin coin can now be bought for approximately $1.42 or 0.00028469 BTC on major exchanges including Cryptopia, Iquant, Binance and C2CX. Skycoin has a market cap of $21.37 million and $1.65 million worth […]

VeChain’s price of recent hasn’t really excited people. In recent weeks, the trading momentum has been either sideways or slightly bearish. This isn’t too good for a project which has been tipped on so many occasions to be a strong rival to Ethereum; its price never came close to 5% of the market cap of […]

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Historically, over the last nine years, Bitcoin (BTC) has undergone four big corrections, which made it decline by over 80% in price. The corrections the crypto market saw in 2018 triggered a 69% decline in value of BTC. However, some minor digital currencies like Binance Coin (BNB) and EOS experienced negligible changes. In August 2010, […]

Technical analysis predicts if a price will rise or fall with analyzing past price trends. It is totally useful for traders. Cryptocurrency price predictions should be treated with caution. It is pretty difficult to examine such a new technological innovation. ICON (ICX) Price Today – ICX / USD ICX Coin is the cryptocurrency that is […]

Skycoin (CURRENCY:SKY) traded down 0.8% against the U.S. dollar during the one day period ending at 23:00 PM ET on March 16th. In the last week, Skycoin has traded 4.7% higher against the U.S. dollar. Skycoin has a total market capitalization of $15.57 million and $816,732.00 worth of Skycoin was traded on exchanges in the […]

In June 2018, ZCash went through a hard fork. As a result, the cryptocurrency had already increased by a significant amount. In the anticipation of the hard fork, it is going to rise even further. Table of Contents What exactly is ZCash?ZCash Price TodayZCash hard fork-overwinter:Zcash (ZEC) Price Analysis What exactly is ZCash? In simple […]

Why is iota such a great investment? Among the cryptocurrencies which are listed today, there are very few of them which are not actually based on the blockchain. Iota is one such coin which is not based on the blockchain. However, it is doing very well due to the kind of applications which it provides. […]

Yesterday, EWN reported that, Coinbase (well-known U.S. based crypto exchange) announced the ongoing examination of 31 new currencies, including the previously announced Cardano and Stellar. Since first teasing the world with an update last July that Coinbase would be exploring five new currencies, investors have been waiting for the addition of XLM and ADA, ranked […]

Is Bitcoin Dead (BTC): A Bubble Or A Stable Investment? Is Crypto Dead? Is Cryptocurrency Dead? 2019 2020 2025 Since the majority of crypto enthusiasts dubbed 2018 as the revolutionary year for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, we have seen lots of use cases bei ng adopted from various cryptos, however, the market seems to be […]

John McAfee, one of the most popular crypto supporters in the space, announced that he is not supporting Skycoin anymore. This comes after the decision he took to make a tattoo related to the digital asset. John McAfee Stops Promoting Skycoin On Twitter, John McAfee explained that he s no longer working or promoting Skycoin. The crypto expert did not provide any further information about it or why he decided to take this decision. Nonetheless, he mentioned that users could send him a direct message in order to know more about the decision that he took. In another tweet, he talked about the Tattoo that he did on his body. He said that he will keep it as a reminder that he will still get scammed by "unscrupulous people." He has also mentioned that they almost drove him to violence. McAfee started promoting this project back on November 4. In order to increase

Skycoin (SKY) increased 0.36% for a day | Thorold News  Thorold News

Skycoin is a cryptocurrency written from scratch in Golang. It does not use PoW nor PoS and relies instead on Obelisk, a network consensus algorithm, replaces ...

Get a brief overview of what Coin Hours are, and how this brilliant parallel currency solves some major issues inherent to other blockchains. All you have to do to ...

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Some big updates from Brave Browser/Basic Attention Token, Apollo Currency and 50 SKYCOIN giveaway at end of video! Thanks for watching!

In this Skycoin review, I am sharing my initial thoughts about Skycoin 2019. Skycoin is touted as the new internet for a new world and is taking on the privacy, ...

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November was a massive month for Skycoin, it started off with a bang as the team met up with John McAfee at the Malta Blockchain Summit 2018. Since then a ...

SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL HERE - I interview Drew McGibbon, from SkyCoin and get the latest on the rollout of the Skycoin ...

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Skycoin is not just a cryptocurrency, it's a hugely ambitious blockchain ecosystem that has been in continuous development since 2012. It's poised to ...

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Skycoin Update - I am joined by Daken, one of the Director's at Skycoin. He gives an update on the Skycoin project, about the imminent main net launch, and the ...

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SkyCoin aims to completely redefine the way Internet works. An innovative combination of Hardware and Software. Skyminer, Skywire, CX Programming ...

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Skycoin keeps building its ecosystem in service of a decentralised internet. In this video I look at what the project has accomplished in the last few months.

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Fukking Bullish right now RSI is also taking support and bounce and divergence

Seems like we hit the bottom! SKY is looking very good for near future! now we are in accumulation zone and preparing for big BOOM move. From march volume is rising. Potential targets on the chart, stop if we go below trend line.

Currently, Skycoin is in the accumulation phase, it has been accumulating for 120 days and this process isn't finished yet. However, the volume is growing and this is one of the signs of the final phase before the markup. The accumulation is a bit tricky - we see a lot of wicks above the resistance, fake breakouts, etc. As an example, on the 28th ...


im not saying much about moon shot but still Have you guys seen RVN moon?


Wide area of accumulation of volume Good potential for growth

Looking at SKY setup its painted plainly Bullish setup with price breakout from falling wedge and re-test with bounce. We have immediate resistance at th end of the downtrend channel which I believe will be break to pave way for huge price movement. Kindly follow the suggested accumulation zone on the chart and always remember to apply stop loss. ...


Deal on the chart We ask Allah success

The SKYBTC has started the formation of another harmonic after completion a gartley pattern and entered in potential reversal zone and ready for bullish divergence insha Allah. The targets are: Buy between: 0.000289 to 0.000276 Sell between: 0.000300 to 0.000332 Regards, Atif Albar (moon333)

After the surprising BTC pump yesterday, the alts are back now starting to turn green. Technical Analysis: SKY has tested a major support of 0.000250-260 for the past few days and it has bounce back up gracefully. Below are the resistance, and for me it's the profit target: T1: 0.000308 T2: 0.000326 T3: 0.000463 T4: 0.000524 Best entry: 0.000250-2...

Uptrend with good volume Entry: 305 Stop 298 Target 372 Risk (2.30%) Reward (21.97%)

someone call Major Tom.

The Blue Sky

Hello all. Sky has just pushed forward to MA 50. I expect a pull back around 275-280 then we may see a nice upward movement. Targets are clear. If we break the line 327, line 525 and upper lines are available. (stop is on the red line)


#SKYBTC Buy at 270 Targets 290 320 360 Hold Stop_loss:250 Invest:5% VIP Calls 1- 2- we ask Allah reconcile and repay

Hello MATRIX world - Lets get right into it! Resume: Skycoin (SKY) is an open-source, community-owned, hardware-based peer-to-peer internet that leverages the incentive structure of the blockchain. Skycoin’s platform has been billed as 'completely secure, infinitely scalable, and ISP independent' by the project team. Written in Golang and running ...

Hi Folks, Range Bound market - I think it will go up again as it showed previous times. It could go even lower so I will be keeping an eye and not blindly set " Buy Order ".


seems about right

Crypto Club

SKY/BTC There was no clear trend over the course of 3 months and most of it had transverse moves with fluctuations of 15% to 20% At present, the strongest support is within the range of 270, which is expected to not be easily lost. By reviewing short frames, there are small frames that can be very profitable at the end of the correction. Shopping ...