Price ($): 52.6792 (2.52485%)

Price (฿): 0.014011944321771296

Market Cap: $311M

Volume (24h): $163M

Ethereum’s price rallied to one-month highs on Sunday, overcoming a soft landing for the broader cryptocurrency market and reaffirming the view that ETH has already bounced from a major bottom. A look at the fundamental picture, specifically ETH block transactions, suggests Ethereum isn’t out the woods yet with respect to the bear market. ETH/USD: Toward […]

NEO/USD bulls are penetrating overhead resistance of a triangular pattern formation. NEO Global Development (NGD) has set up an office in Seattle, Washington, keen to break into the Western markets. NEO/USD: Recent Price Behaviour The NEO price over the past week has managed to see some upside momentum, having gained around 25% since 7th February. […]

Febuary 14th, 2019, New York –  Newly launched cryptocurrency app BuySellHODL has announced the launch of its proprietary crypto ratings and price target feature, with Bitcoin as the initial coin rating launch. The rating feature is currently free and the first of its kind in […]

After a few sleepy weeks, we got some action, with an upward correction for Bitcoin and other crypto’s like Litecoin (LTC) which rose 30%. Although the general excitement is still cautious, those who follow the market regularly are beginning to notice a halt in the downward trend, possibly even the beginning of a change in […]

Zcash Attains Market Cap of $295.83 Million (ZEC)  BharataPress

Zcash (CURRENCY:ZEC) traded 0.6% higher against the dollar during the twenty-four hour period ending at 21:00 PM Eastern on February 2nd. During the last ...

TRX/USD is testing a vital long-running ascending trend line of support. TRX/BTC was dealt another rejection blow and is also set to meet a key support area. The Tron price has been cooling the last couple of sessions, looking at both TRX/USD and TRX/BTC. It has failed to break down and move past a tricky […]

Monero (XMR) and Zcash (ZEC) are the most popular privacy-oriented coins. According to the Winklevoss twins, the founders of crypto exchange Gemini, people should go with ZEC instead of XMR, mainly because regulators hate it less. This is reportedly the main reason for which they preferred listing ZEC on Gemini and not XMR. Monero, potentially under … Continue reading "Zcash (ZEC) Deals With Potential Exploit Following Rumors On An “Imminent” Attack On Monero (XMR)"

Zcash (CURRENCY:ZEC) traded down 0.9% against the dollar during the 24 hour period ending at 9:00 AM E.T. on February 17th. During the last week, Zcash has traded up 2.1% against the dollar. One Zcash coin can now be bought for $50.99 or 0.01404322 BTC on major exchanges including Tux Exchange, BCEX, Upbit and WEX. […]

The developers of NEO, a leading Chinese blockchain-based platform for creating decentralized applications (dApps), are planning to open a new office in Seattle, United States. Last month, Erik Zhang, the co-founder of NEO, had said that NEO’s development team was in the process of making key improvements to the smart contract-enabled platform’s delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT) consensus protocol - which its founders claim “will become the best consensus mechanism for blockchains.”

ZCash is currently trading around good levels. There are quite a few factors as to why it is propelling forward. In the last 60 days, the performance of ZCash has been better as compared to some of the other cryptocurrencies. While most of the other cryptocurrencies are stagnating, ZCash has actually gained. There are 3 […]

The digital currency SmartCash has recorded a drop of 4.8% in its trading price against the United States Dollar through the period of a single day which ended on Feb 9th at 21:00 PM, Eastern Time. If we look at the numbers of the entire past week, the cryptocurrency SMART has dropped 6% against the […]

From bullish technical analysis on Bitcoin to new adoption for a number of cryptocurrencies including Ether, Stellar and Zcash, here’s a look at some of the stories breaking in the world of crypto. Bitcoin Crypto trader and analyst Mitoshi Kaku says he wouldn’t be surprised if Bitcoin continues to rise in the short term. Kaku told […]

Cardano’s ADA price maintains decent heights after a big 15% jump in the prior session. There is much anticipation ahead of the IOHK summit for details of the new Cardano roadmap. Recent ADA Price Behavior Cardano’s ADA price remains elevated after the decent pop higher yesterday, where the bulls gained big double-digits. An advance in the […]

We are all familiar with the statements made about the crypto market, claiming that “it is highly correlated” or that “it has a correlation of 1” (especially with bitcoin); or we are often referred to the following charts of the crypto market capitalization including/excluding bitcoin. Source: CoinMarketCap People will look at the charts above and […]

The crypto winter, as many people are calling the unfortunate bear market, has been responsible for losing about $100 billion from the market cap of the entire world. Many people have said that the only real cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, including Craig Wright. Wright has been an avid supporter of Bitcoin SV, but he's predicted that altcoins in the crypto market have a lot of suffering ahead of them. The nChain chief scientist posted this statement on a tweet, saying that the altcoin market will see their true demise in 2020 during the summertime, believing that many developers will abandon their projects or see legal action. The tweet said, Two of the coins that are well known for their privacy, Monero (XMR) and Zcash (ZEC) were the subject of Wright's attack. He alleged that their future would include fraudulent tax crimes eventually. Tweeting on those two coins, he said, "Those thinking Zcash, Monero etc are even remotely

The crypto space just received an original app with some pretty innovative implementations that will turn out more than useful for both novices and experts in the crypto space. BuySellHODL is a newly launched crypto application, and they have just implemented an innovative feature. The app announced that they’re launching a crypto ratings and price … Continue reading "BuySellHODL App Pioneers Innovative “Crypto Ratings And Price Targets” Feature For Crypto Enthusiasts"

Per time of writing the 20th largest coin by market capitalization Zcash is counting 4.45% gain for the last 24-hours against the US Dollar. Source: coinmarketcap Breaking above the weekly declining trend acted as a catalyst for traders to step in and take the most out of the opportunity however the $55.00 level tanked the […]

Zcash (CURRENCY:ZEC) traded up 0.8% against the dollar during the 24 hour period ending at 9:00 AM Eastern on January 19th. In the last week, Zcash has traded up 4.5% against the dollar. One Zcash coin can currently be purchased for $50.51 or 0.01383343 BTC on popular cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance, BiteBTC, Cryptohub and Altcoin […]

ZCash is currently trading around good levels. There are quite a few factors as to why it is propelling forward. In the last 60 days, the performance of ZCash has been better as compared to some of the other cryptocurrencies. While most of the other cryptocurrencies are stagnating, ZCash has actually gained. There are 3 […]

The BNB/USDT bulls extend to the north, following the breach of an ascending wedge pattern. Binance is moving ever closer to its Decentralized Exchange (DEX) going live. Recent Price Behavior The Binance Coin bulls have made a strong breakout to the upside from the confinements of a wedge pattern formation. BNB/USDT has made some big advances […]

ZEC broke out of the resistance line both against USD and BTC but the rally is weak. #zcash #zec #bitcoin.

ZCash (ZEC) Technical Analysis & Price Discussion - January 10th, 2019: Galaxy Digital Listing Lifts ZEC Out Of Bear Market.

All markets tend to run on two emotions, fear and greed. Every time each of these emotions goes beyond rationality, bad things happen. In 2017, greed was the ...

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Zcash has successfully launched their "Sapling" upgrade, which increases the power of the privacy tech exponentially. Zcash (ZEC) is also looking to move ...

The bear market continues. In this video, Mattie looks at Zcash's latest news as well as follows up on Ripple XRP. He also takes a look at Cryptotag.

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ZEC ZCASH Token has been added to Coinbase. I predicted this months ago and now that it is on Coinbase the price has spiked! Why was it added? What does ...

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Zcash has recently had the sapling network upgrade, what does this mean, where is Zcash now, and is it still an interesting cryptocurrency? Disclosure: This is ...

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zec usd

Zec find it's support.It's a great possibility that price is in parallel channel. TP1: 55 $ TP2: 58 $ Stop loss: 51 $ See my previous analysis and leave a comment if you agreed or disagreed

Accumulating sub $100 ZEC hodl till 2020 and beyond for 1000%-3000% gains


As long as it remains above the 45 level, it can be expected to target level 65.

EDUCATION ONLY******\ Zcash Pendent Continuation... EDUCATION ONLY******\ NO prices! NOT to scale! NOT for TRADE! 50,200MA,40VWMA for EDUCATION ONLY******\No Trade please! ------------------------------------------------------------- Simple! Golden X complete! Now we make the pendents! the money will follow!

Zcash Simple GoldenX 50,200MA Simple, the W is completing at this time.. Last chance to pick up some Dirty coins cheap! ***The Money Will Follow!****


You ready?!?

if Zcash Couldn't break that channel and close the daily candle above it ..... Prepare for $8 Zcash . and if successfully did prepare to celebrate and go long for the years to come .


it's look like a bullish triangle,if price can break above 52 $,tp is 56 $

call zooko and let him know

Bounce target looks good! Roll should be nice also, same as XLM. 30min.--- 50,200MA, 40VWMA Beautiful spinning dreidels on the D.! the money will follow!

Zcash Textbook GoldenX layover 50, 200MA, 40VWMA Simple! 50,40VWMA over the 200MA. NICELY! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note**Please see above it for Failed ATTEMPT at entry of G X.. improper angle of attack!

ZEC/USD - testing bottom of channel - march 2017 levels

ZEC/USD 1W https://www.tradingview.com/x/Xq5eJmTw/ The goal is to identify a coin in the top 25 MC that has the possibility do 50% w/out leverage over the next 50 days...my entry is ZEC/USD. Entry $49.00-$53.00 (Risk ~7.55%) Stop loss: under $49.00/break of a new low Target of 50%: $80.00 Cheers, @CryptoBarTalk

All is on the chart, i don't believe in this pump. But market is random, so protect yourself, and use stop losses :)

Short Opportunity For ZECUSD ZCASH

Privacy coins occupy a function within the cryptocurrency industry that many of the early adopters of cryptocurrencies consider essential. Bitcoin itself is often incorrectly referred to as an anonymous way of transferring value. Security experts call it pseudonymous privacy, like writing books under a codename. You can preserve your privacy as lo...

Zcash Simple Trend Change recognized after Golden X 50,200MA, 40VWMA Golden X still in progress on upper time scales, trend change recognized. As you can see the 50MA and the 40VWMA looks to be coming down to land very nice! Fireworks will start after completion on upper scales! Not for trading!


Can form a local double bottom See strong levels of support

ZCash ZEC is Bitcoin BTC 2.0 with advanced security features Privacy coins occupy a niche within the cryptocurrency industry that many of the early adopters of cryptocurrencies consider being essential. After all, Bitcoin itself is often incorrectly referred to as an anonymous way of transferring value. Bitcoin BTC privacy issues solved ZCash was ...