Factom (FCT) appears to be paying the price for its recent foray outwith market bounds after the coin price sunk 35% over twelve hours on Tuesday. The drop compounds a near week-long reversal for FCT in which the coin lost over 55% of its value. Factom’s Bullish Month Factom (FCT) felt a miraculous 391% increase […]

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Bitcoin may be struggling, but there’s a bunch of cryptocurrencies who are faring better than most over the past six months. Here’s our in-depth look… Six months is not a long time in the great scheme of things. But in crypto, looking back to half a year ago is like seeing a different world. We’re […]


Despite Bitcoin’s widespread reputation, it isn’t used by the common man. Many cryptocurrencies have popped up that aim to address this, but Gulden does this in a unique way. Rather than being purely “technological” in their innovations, they are target Holland and doing their best to remain Dutch-centric. Introducing Gulden Gulden (NLG) is the name […]

Bitcoin Keeps Spawning Crypto Exchanges, Fiat Onramps and Solutions to Spread Adoption of BTC, XRP, ETH, EOS, TRX, BCH and LTC  The Daily Hodl

Cryptocurrency leaders and innovators worldwide are launching more platforms to trade digital assets as they also expand existing infrastructure and software to ...

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