Omni Founder Says Ripple and XRP Will Provide Vast, Rapid Liquidity  The Daily Hodl

CEO and co-founder of rental *service* company Omni, Thomas McLeod, recently explained how he's working with Ripple and utilizing XRP to expand the sharing ...

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XRP/USD tanks to drop below $0.3000 mark, lowest level since September. Eyes are on the big bull buying area of $0.3000-$0.2000. Historically has proven to see large interest come into play at this level. XRP/USD was slammed aggressively this week, as selling pressure heavily intensified late Thursday into Friday. The market resuming the chunky downside […]


A while ago, the XRP-based app TipBot was on the news for being used to raise significant funds during a charity event. Since then, the app has gained more adoption after an updated version was released. The new version allows Apple users to use the app through Siri, Apple’s popular virtual assistant. The news was […]


Ever since ‘Bitcoin (BTC) futures’ was made available on CME, the value of the digital currency has plunged. Bitcoin (BTC) tested its all-time high on the 17th of December last year. The digital currency surged close to the $20k mark, but the rest is history now. Since then, many analysts have researched the impact of […]

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