Spending an hour on the London Underground is the equivalent to spending a day next to a busy road, according to a study. The report by the Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants was published on January 9 and is the first study on air pollution on the Underground carried out since 1998.   It found that the Northern line was among the most polluted sections of the

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Dust and air pollution higher on Northern Line than any other part of the Underground  Times Series

Dust and air pollution which could pose “health risks” to passengers is higher on the Northern Line than any other part of London Underground…

The UNLV College of Sciences is celebrating its 50thanniversary in 2108-19. In 1958, UNLV’s College of Science and Mathematics was formed. The following year, Robert Smith began serving as the founding dean with nearly 500 undergraduate and 41 graduate students enrolled. Fifty years later, the college has grown to approximately 2,700 undergraduate students and 250 graduate students. The College of Sciences has the following events planned to commemorate the anniversary:

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