Primary Wave Music Publishing Acquires Interest in Sly & the Family Stone Catalog  Variety

Update: The Estate of Michael Jackson disputes the announcement made by Primary Wave concerning Sly Stone copyrights. The company has issued a ...

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Justin Logan was born and raised down the road in Paris, Ky., near Lexington. Weather has been a lifelong passion of Justin's that was sparked by a tornado outbreak when he was in elementary school. From that day forward, he knew he wanted to be a broadcast meteorologist to keep people safe during s


A wave of rage greater than the one witnessed during the Arab Spring is set to hit the region “very soon” unless the crown princes of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are stopped, warned prominent dissident UAE politician. Speaking exclusively to Yeni ?afak daily, General Secretary of UAE’s People Party Hasan al-Diqqi […]


Epic Games’ new digital storefront went live last night during the Game Awards and it already has an exclusive to call its own: Hades, the latest game from the developers of Bastion and Pyre at Supergiant Games. It’s one of the reasons to give the store, which lives inside Epic’s game launcher for Fortnite, a look in the coming weeks. While Epic doesn’t have nearly the selection of games Steam does, it’s doing some interesting things that are worth keeping an eye one.

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