It is no secret that Nouriel Roubini hates cryptocurrency. For most of 2018, the American economist has been smugly congratulating himself for denouncing Nouriel Roubini loves to attack Bitcoin. However, the US economist is keen to push a "told you so" narrative that simly isn't true.

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Cryptocurrency leaders and innovators worldwide are launching more platforms to trade digital assets as they also expand existing infrastructure and software to spread crypto adoption. Germany On Wednesday, Berlin-based fintech company solarisBank announced that its upcoming crypto trading platform, in partnership with the Stuttgart Stock Exchange (Börse Stuttgart), Germany’s second largest exchange and the ninth […]

Since Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies touched their all-time high, they have been facing the wrath of the bear. Moreover, the bear started its rampage in the month of November, post which all the cryptocurrencies were seen bleeding in double digits almost on a daily...


Following yesterday’s analysis, whereas Bitcoin was consolidating in a tight range, the current situation is pretty much the same: For the past two days or so, Bitcoin is consolidating between $3330 and $3430. As we know from the recent weeks (since breaking down the $6000 support), Bitcoin doesn’t like to consolidate for a long term. […]

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