We’ve been singing Christmas carols this year since mid-October … I think that’s when my 3-year-old, Lucca, saw his first Santa of the year at one of the big-box stores. So, since then, we’ve been talking and singing about Christmas and Santa, which is fine by me, since the holidays always pass so quickly. With two young children, the Christmas season is extra-special, as we get to watch them in awe at all the sights of the season. One thing that we haven’t done

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Join in the fun of a Jingle Bel Dash of Hope 5K Walk/Run on Dec. 8 in Maypearl to raise money for the Bellanne Butterfly Blessings. Funds will be used to spread kindness by sharing blessings with child and their families who are facing medical challenges. Belanne Coonrod created a name for herself through her love of the outdoors. Before she passed away earlier this year, Belanne raised funds to establish a local park for residents to enjoy. Bel also loved Christmas and especially the blessing


When people tell me that cryptocurrencies don’t have any “real-world” use, I point them to Venezuela. Venezuela is in the grips of unstoppable inflation – one of the worst in modern history, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  While the astronomical numbers can make the crisis seem distant and unapproachable, it’s devastatingly real for … Continue reading "Dash Is on a Mission to Be the PayPal of Crypto: An Interview with Dash Core Group’s Ryan Taylor"

4 Masternode Projects You Should Know About  Invest In Blockchain

Masternodes are a consensus mechanism that allows blockchains to self-govern in a decentralized manner. Here are 4 masternode projects you should know.

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