It was a very windy day in Traverse City today. For our Sights and Sounds of Northern Michigan, photojournalist Jeremy Erickson takes us to the Open Space where waves were crashing along the West Bay. Categories: Sights & Sounds of Northern Michigan FacebookTwitterMoreComments comments

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Funcom’s new Conan game has been revealed to be Conan Unconquered, a strategy game where players defend themselves against waves of enemies.Developed by Petroglyph Games, the creators of Star Wars: Empire at War and the minds behind the Command & Conquer remaster that’s in the works, Conan [...]

Miami artist Xavier Cortada lives in a house that stands at six feet above sea level. The Episcopal church down the road is 11 feet above the waterline, and the home of his neighbor, a dentist, has an elevation of 13 feet. If what climate scientists predict about rising sea levels comes true, the Atlantic Ocean could rise two to three feet...

On October 23, thousands of Glasgow cleaning workers kicked off the union demonstration for equal pay organized by Public Services International, Unison, and GMB with a minute's silence, in memory of the women workers who died before being able to see the day when their work would be finally granted the same dignity and value as the work of their male colleagues. In this act there was full awareness of a long history of great and small humiliations, of invisible, unacknowledged, or underpaid work, of countless instances of injustice and petty abuses, as well as of the enormity of the challenge faced by the women's strike. Equal pay: a reasonable, almost trivial goal, and yet so difficult to achieve, to such an extent that the World Economic Forum has calculated that – based on current trends and data – it will take at least 217 years to finally bridge the wage gap between women and men globally. (Assuming that the world will still be habitable in 217 years…)

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