This story was shared from this siteUsers of crypto exchange Bitfinex and its associated token-trading platform Ethfinex now have a total of six stablecoin options for trading on either platform. Bitfinex Opens Platform to Tether Competitors As Bitfinex writes, for years the only major option in stablecoins was Tether (USDT), and for quite a while …

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Daria Generalova, Managing Partner at ICOBox recently talked about the two popular funding methods in the cryptocurrency market, ICO, and STO. She believes that STO will provide the calculable price points for tokens that ICOs have failed to make potential. ICOs present a problem to authorities and investors Initial coin offering (ICO) have become a […]


As the cryptocurrency markets continue to sink to alarmingly low levels with almost all digital assets at all time lows, it seems that investors are running to the safe haven of the stable coin. We analyze the possibility of regulation by the SEC and speak to a number of stable coin executives.


As we can analyze the current scenario with the current rally in a crypto market which is the reminiscence of how capital markets reacted in the past in terms of trend and a variety of fundamentals. It is not only investors, but community users from around the world have become active towards the new age […]

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