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The 100% of the margin did not break through. They made a false takeout of the last Haya on the volume and took the feet of the shorty, now you can go tight to $ 5000-4900 to unload the indicators. You can shorts with a stop for $ 5350 At this stage, there is still a bullish scenario for BTC / USD, and the purchase is possible in the Green Zone with the same potential up to $ 6098. Breakout of the $ 4908 level will negatively affect the bullish mood in the market, and, accordingly, then we should expect a decline to the bottom.

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If my EW count is correct for A wave of correction (consist of 5) then its possible to expect at least sadow of candle reach 47xx area for 1:1 extension of Wave C. (so wave 5 will be again the longest).... This will be very interresting to watch and trade :) (If you trade BTC, I Focus on retracement projected to AltCoins).


PRICE ACTION BTC bulls attempted to push the price through the $5300 resistance; however, it appears that there was not enough bullish liquidity and the market thinned out. This resulted in a price drop of almost 7% and – importantly – a break of the rising trend line. $5100 should provide some level of support; although it could just as quickly fall apart as FOMO traders look to exit their post breakout long positions with at least some potential upsides. The volume currently being traded shouldn’t inspire either side of the market; though the OBV suggests that the volume is leaving the market at present. 4H RSI is showing a hidden bullish (which should give a relief bounce), although having only just crossed the 50.0 line it could have another leg down before any bounce happens... $5050-$5150 could make a nice short play with $5350 at the SL for about 4% risk. OPEN INTERESTS (BITFINEX) Long: 2.15 Days Short: 1.63 Days RELATIVE STRENGTHS Micro (5m): Oversold Short Term (4h): Hidden Bullish Divergence Mid Term (1D): Weakening Macro (1W): Hidden Bearish ON BALANCE VOLUME Mid Term (1D): Higher Macro (1W): Weakening KEY PRICE AREAS Resistance: 5500, 5817 (52W MA), 6200 Support: 4880, 4454 (28D MA), 4430 (26W MA) PREVIOUS ANALYSIS 2019-04-10 2019-04-09 2019-04-08 2019-04-07 2019-03-18


An ascending triangle on the 1-hour chart indicated a big move this week looks like the resistance band was too strong and big correction happening right now!

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