Hello Everyone! Yesterday I posted an idea in which I described a future price move with the Bart Simpson's Head pattern and said that the trendline will be broken. Let's see what we have now: 1) BTC price didn't go as far as I expected and didn't reach my TP(I have actually got a 'friendly' e-mail from BITMEX, because I exceeded the risks to much) 2) BART appeared to be a false break of the trend line 3) Now we have another trend line and a WEDGE has formed. 4) Bullish divergence on RSI indicator that you can see on the bottom of the post 5) Three PIN BARS from the wedge support 6) Too many SHORT positions are now opened I think that these reasons are a good support for opening LONG position. Now I expect a move in upward direction to $3800-3875 zone, if the price breaks this zone, I will expect a further move to $4000. Subsequently, comes $4080 and so on. But let's firstly see what BTC gonna do in the mentioned zone. NOTE: There is still an opportunity for FLAG formation that will lead the price to at least $3500. General Signal: LONG from current with leverage no more than 25(if you don't want to receive 'friendly' email, if the price goes a little lower) For Conservative Traders: wait till the price breaks through 3800, and open LONG after the confirmation.

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According to Bitcoin's history ,it often crashes to the area where the previous bull market occurred. More goes behind me saying that the bottom is at 1200$, but to simplify it ''History repeats itself''. This is not a financial advice , this is just for entertainment. Do your own due diligence. I am not responsible for any loses.


BTC - At this rate most likely a bonce at 2999


Listen to the counter trend expert. Bitcoin dumped, bears took a little break, consolidation, then trend continuation. Maybe it will bounce a bit right now, as people get baited as usual. But going higher than 5000 is very unlikely. Even 4500 is meh nah. People are starting to realise they got scammed by an obvious ponzi. Did a child say "the emperor is naked?", once a child says the obvious it propagates like fire. The us stock market went up and that doesn't stop this ponzi from going down. Ohwww gawd down 5% while I type this ok I'll post and update later. Imagine if us indices did NOT go up 700 points ? xd TFW it is such a big scam it crashes faster than you can type it. Bitcoin is hanging on 3400$ (3400!) by its little pinky. It was "impossible that 6000$ breaks" just a couple of weeks ago LOL. Will get interested when we panic flash dump below 2000$. Can happen pretty fast so brace yourselves. Be ready. Remember... * Using Kraken? Have orders ready much lower in case of a flash crash (like $1000 $500 $100 etc).

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