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Looking at the current charts, there seems to be the potential for long entry currently at what looks to be a Wave B or Wave 2 of a move up. Either way the stop loss looks to be pretty tight with good risk / reward.


jika kita mengesampingkan pergerakan naik yang ekstrim di 2017, dan secara objektif menganggap crash di 2018 adalah impulse, saya berfikir wavenya seperti ini.


Hello Traders! We do not intend to take a long position with eyes closed in our setup area, but we want to see a first rebound signal, but above all we will look for some reversal patterns on smaller time frame. That said, our analysis could fail, and in this case, the pair will develop the expected bullish impulse earlier than expected (we have seen a potential reversal level). With this in mind our TARGET still remains 8,000 area, so keep following us. At the moment we keep our short position (see chart below). BEARISH STRUCTURE COMPLETED (BEARISH SETUP) (click & play on chart below) OUR LAST ANALYSIS (INTRADAY CHART) (click & play on chart below) Behind a "simple setup" there is a long and hard work done with passion .... thanks for your support & your Likes! If you continue to support us, we will post new updates in the section below. Trade with care!

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