eos usd

possible h&s TP: 2.61 $ Stop loss: 2.9 $ See my previous analysis and leave a comment if you agreed or disagreed

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After the candlestick fixation of the model "flag" abroad, sell-short with a target of 2.57. Also formed the model "H&S", which can enhance the price reduction.


I observed interesting pattern similarities, and a possible fractal, when comparing EOS price action from June-Dec 2017 to to price action from April 2018 until present. EOS recovering all time highs by the end of the year...what?? Sounds crazy, right? Well... Nobody in crypto can seem to agree whether or not prices have bottomed. There are a lot of strongly held opinions that Bitcoin might go down to under $2K, and crypto won't recover until 2020 at the earliest. The one thing everybody seems to agree on is that we are looking at a long stretch of boring sideways/down price action for the next year. What if everyone is wrong about that? If there's one thing I've learned about markets, it's that most people end up being wrong at major turning points. There is a mountain of money sitting on the sidelines waiting to get back into crypto. Once it becomes obvious that we've hit the bottom, I don't envision another repeat of 2015. I think people will start to pile back in quickly for fear of missing out.



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