ETH suicide long

Sentiment is bearish AF. Falling wedge possible. Support around 90$. Wouldnt be suprised if this goes down further but RR is too good IMO.

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Still following that blue line to the point the past week creating the panic low for this potential inverse H&S. It's safe to say the low might be set now because of this short squeeze that just happened. However i have a game plan for Bitcoin' suggesting another drop going to happen there. So i am a bit confused on which one to follow. It could be that ETH' moves up much more than here and another drop of Bitcoin' wont let ETH' make a new low, keeping the low for this inverse H&S alive. Or we see another quick drop here as well towards the 80/78. So not easy to judge at the moment, but a smart trader would take partial profit here or a bit higher just in case it drop again. If the low is really set, normally it should stay within that bull flag range on the right. That might be the best guideline to make a decision here. Please don't forget to like if you appreciate this :) Previous analysis:


Already seen a flash crash down to $13 on GDX, i got my orders siting around $53, Books are so thin about now

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