Dont buy with market price , wait for this level your target is 30% , StopLoss is 8% Good Luck ...

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BSV accumulation

Fundamental analysis: BSV - no Canonical TOR, no DataSIgVerify, no Avalanche pre-consensus development Yes - 64 MB blocks, Yes OP_MUL, OP_LSHIFT, OP_RSHIFT. Buyers accumulating. BCH splitters - distributing at low prices. Price go down to $50-60 with market. Then violent spike back to $90. Long term is better fundamental than BCH as it has a stable economic protocol (low fees), and changing positive consensus protocol (128MB blocks in Summer 2019). Don't sell below $50. Check BSV has dedicated hash mining below BTC hash rate, and BCH mercenary (flip flop hash rate). Also many good projects. Check handcash on Play Store, (social network on blockchain using OP_RETURN), (like youtube with micropayments). Substantial miner + development investment from nChain and Calvin Ayre's Coingeek - meaning they put money where their mouth is. Again check 1-1.8 Exahash (that is warehouses of mining machines at work). Also has good developers like unwriter who has developed which spawns open source use cases on an unbounded blockchain - check, yes it's a silly minecraft game on BCH/BSV but the point is you can start doing stuff on a blockchain with stable economic protocol (vs. something like Ethereum which has inflation forever).


Here's my idea for what's going down. I'm accumulating already, but will do so more if it drops again. It's interesting that this chart doesn't seem to be following bitcoin into the downward spiral. I really think this is becoming a haven of security (alternate to tether/USDT) for people to place their money while the other cryptos find their bottoms. Short term - might go down a bit Long term - the moon is the limit, especially with tax season around the corner.

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