LTCUSD $31.50 now key support

The LTCUSD pair has come under heavy selling pressure, after a brief period of stability in the broader cryptocurrency market. The decline has so far found support from the $31.50 level, a further move below the $30.00 level will likely increase technical selling. It is also worth noting that LTCUSD bulls may use the pullback as a chance to buy the pair at a more attractive price and the drop has helped closed to close the gap on the charts. The LTCUSD pair is bearish while trading below the $36.60 level, key support is found at the $30.00 and the $26.00 levels. If the LTCUSD pair holds above the $31.50, buyers may test the $36.60 and $40.00 resistance levels.

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Possible outcome here for LTCUSD, although our sample size for this play is small, it Litecoin follows this same pattern you can make some nice gains out of this trade


Hi friends! Welcome to this update analysis! Let’s get right to it! Looking at the 4 Hour chart. Now, before we get bullish or bearish, we have to assess the data on the chart. If the most recent arrow is red, you should be short. If the most recent arrow is blue, you should be long. Keep your Stop Loss at 5% of the price. Looking back at the action following prior in 2018 we can see that the strategy worked on every single Cryptocurrency. So, the fact that we are in 2019 today is not a deviation from the normal progression. Now it would be different if the strategy had not performed well in 2018. The 2018 year is the line in the sand as the crypto market lost 70% of its value that year and HODL’ing failed. A strategy that can perform in 2018 changes things. Technically, if a strategy can’t be coded it’s not a strategy. As time progresses, it is becoming increasingly likely that you will need a strategy to get results. So, trading is a very real way to go forward now. One Minute. One Check. Once per Day. That’s All You Need! Good luck trading everyone! I’m the master of the code, the mathematician, the Einstein, the genius, and I go by the name of Magic! Au revoir. ***This information is not a recommendation to or sell. It is to be used for educational purposes only.*** -GT-

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