Looking bad Indicators signal a further decline Bear triangle

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Info in the chart.. curious to see where it will go.. Long term.. bullish. short term.. Indecisive.


Market Memes look geat it's like bitcoin, but cheaper to attack and no one uses it


Good morning, A lot going on in the chart but here's what to expect over the coming months. As compared to the timeline from Nov '14 - Jul '15, Litecoin is in the midst of a double bottom "W" pattern. I believe we may see a move upwards to $38-$40 before we head towards another low of ~$22-$20. Once we hit this low, we should see a nice rebound. This is identified by the 200 day mark on the chart. The 200 days represents time before the last/next halving. Back in 2015, there was a nice run up within that 200 day window followed by a nice drop into the halving (8/26/2015). It appears Litecoin has similar movement so I expect a nice move upwards from March - June 2019 (~$140-$150) before a drop into the next halving in August. Long term, Litecoin hits $3,500 = $4,600 by ~October 2021.

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