Morning Technical Newsletter ETHEREUM

Intraday target: $121 Long-term target: $60

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They are trying to drive ETH down but there are too many buyers waiting to get in. But they are succeeding at getting people OUT OF THEIR LONG POSITIONS! This is how it works crypto traders. The battleground is being fought right here in ETH. Look at the clouded circles where they have attempted to drive the price lower. I am hoping the buyers will step back in and hold the price above $116.00 -- you might want to keep an eye on the price action for ETH -- it could get very exciting this weekend! Outlook: HIGHLY VOLATILE -- better take a position and be careful about your risk tolerance when considering a stop-loss as you can see they will take you out and run the price up. This is a ruthless tactic, but effective! PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO ETH! If you find my simple DD helps you make better-informed investment decisions, leaves a thumbs up, and don't forget to follow me on Twitter for real-time updates and life events! Best, Biff


SELF DEVELOPMENT/METHODOLOGY/PSYCHOLOGY Ethereum Is being rejected by important resistance levels!! Significant drop to come!! BITFINEX:ETHUSD is down by more than 91% over the past 12 months!!. ETHUSD has been rejected by the 121 level and If it drops below 116.50, we are looking for another significant drop to the 83 level, thats another 28% wow! From my experience stay on the sidelines or short sell!! Happy trading :) Follow your Trading plan, remained disciplined and keep learning !! Please Follow, Like,Comment & Follow Thank you for your support :) This information is not a recommendation to buy or sell. It is to be used for educational purposes only!

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