PART new cycle

It seems that a full elliot wave has fineshed, and PART retraced 88% from the last move. PART is oversold on multiple timeframes And but the trend also seems to start a reversal. We are currently in an accumulation zone that started few hours ago. 1h Stoch RSI shows that we can go lower from here but MACD and RSI just reversed less 12h ago. I'll buy as low as 0.88 fib level from the last move. It seems that it's preparing for a new swing. Targets sent on Telegram

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(PART) Particl is on the verge of a breakout if it can get above the blue line. Am long for a breakout, but watch closely with stop because if its going to reject lower, it likely will happen soon at this blue line. For more updates and other charts, join our discord.


Stoch RSI looks amazing MACD looks amazing Longterm downtrend broken Uptrend strong We will se old highs very soon + Mainnet Launch in Q1


Broke the bull flag and retested it. I'm in. 1st TP target is 110-120k sats.

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