PART/BTC Long idea

Broke the bull flag and retested it. I'm in. 1st TP target is 110-120k sats.

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(PART) Particl is on the verge of a breakout if it can get above the blue line. Am long for a breakout, but watch closely with stop because if its going to reject lower, it likely will happen soon at this blue line. For more updates and other charts, join our discord.


Stoch RSI looks amazing MACD looks amazing Longterm downtrend broken Uptrend strong We will se old highs very soon + Mainnet Launch in Q1


PART reached its past minimum of 0.0005. There is a great chance to see growth again, to previous levels. I expect the growth to 0.0035 on it a strong resistance, if we punch it further If we are waiting for a similar situation, as in the last time, then there will be a wonderful opportunity to earn. You can see that the price for a long time was in the channel 0.0019 - 0.0027, then it turned out to be done on average 30% per day I want to tell you about a service that expands trading opportunities. 3commas ( is a service that is a platform for traders with various tools that help to trade more effectively. For example, you can simultaneously set stop loss and take profit When registering, you will have 3 days of professional fare (free of charge)

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