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The price of EOS rolled back to the quotes of the beginning of the week, which are located in the corridor $5,5-$5,6. Despite the fact that Coinbase Pro added the coin to its listing service, it could not consolidated and followed the pattern of other coins. In the short term, the following main resistance is near $6. The price of EOS is trading at $5.64 at the time of writing.


EOS for the next 2~3 days. Check my other analyze for more information. Don't forget to the thumbs up emoticon ;)

EOS Warning !!!

the best thing is to do nothing and watch for the moment. I hope that your SL is activated. I'm awake 1h too late to publish :( If we're going to break my line red, it's too dangerous. It's time to short hard. But we must remember that my goal for BTC is 5900 $ so the market should not become bear right now.

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