Rotunda Flip!

Okay, so I made that jargon up, but it certainly looks like at the end of the flag here BSV got flipped on it's back with it's belly exposed. (AKA: signs of vulnerability and exposure to BTC's continuing downfall.)

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We are seeing 3 wave bounces with this joke coin. Not surprising. Expecting another 3 wave move down or possibly 5 wave move down before any motive waves up.


It broke the support line a few days ago, but it has not really dropped since. On the right we can also see a bullish wedge. But what sticks out, is the high volume the past few hours. Like some are accumulating at this level. There is a zone between the green and red area. Assuming the wedge is real and we break up, the target is around the yellow circle. Previous analysis.


Just thought that it is recovering from oversold based on 4 hourly chart. Quite an uninteresting ticker

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