TRON Complex Correction?

WXY Complex correction? This one was tricky to count and a little beyond me honestly but it's all part of my process :) . I wouldn't trade on this that's for sure lol. Hey if it plays out, sweet! if not, well further downside expected :) Crypt0Marc

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As we can clearly see correlation between stoch RSI cross over and TRX fall. We can clearly see , even if we blindly follow this , we can still make decent profits. Also this looks like kinda fakeout to kill those bitmex shorters and with this move they are already destroyed. So, People time to do some short on TRXUSD pair !!! You can set Target price as per your analysis between 5-15% down.


This is the updated idea of this chart: // I am not an investment advisor. This is not financial advice. Just some guy on the internet with an opinion.

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