Chaos into Order onto Beauty so you Painted a Perfect fib. so you Paused at Precise point. so you Pulled off Peak power. will you Finish the Final phase? will you Compose like a Master? will you Fall flat on your Face? can it Be this Easy? can it Do just That? can it Go into Path? we will Wait and we will See. we will Buy and they will Sell. we will Win and you will Grow. . . Ordered Chaos every Move is born with an ''Impulse'', like a Pebble into water. every Pebble bears its own ''Ripples'', ruled by the Golden Ratio. every Ripple behaves like the one previous, forming the "Pulse". each Line adds to Gravity. each Line must be Tested. each Line has a Character. every Asset Class behaves this way. every Time Frame shows these ripples. every Human Brain vibrates the same. He who Understands will be Humble. He who Embraces will observe Order. He who Ignores will behold only Chaos. Ordered Chaos. . . . want to Learn a little More? can you Spend a few Minutes? click the Links under Related.

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We have two different analysis which have the sign of bearish movement. First we have a downtrend impulse wave which is about to create the 3rd wave. second, we have a bearish head and shoulder pattern with a clear neckline ( green line) if price can break the neckline the H&S signal will be confirmed.


Triangle contracting possibly here watching closely. Marc

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