WAVES / BTC Hacim ve Flama uygun biri isaret fisegini yakarsa bu is olur

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Hey guys, sweet Descending Triangle Pattern and as we know it's a downtrend continuation pattern so movements are predicted with arrows... Red Boxes indicates support range and as we see Fibonacci Retracement, the market has tested the golden ratio of 0.32 and now here we have two scenarios - 1) The market we move as per our arrow indicated. 2) Most probably the market will test 0.5 fib ratio and then again move down...


So back into the market after a long time. Looking at some good trades to make and could not help but notice Waves which has some news coming up. The chart looks poised to break down if the bulls cant break the overhead resistance line of descending triangle. Waves can go down big time if it doesnt break the descending triangles resistance line. Last week of February and 1st week of march remains crucial. Buy the break out and short the break down. Be smart, calm and patient with all trades, Good luck! BINANCE:WAVESBTC


Looks like $WAVES already started it's new bull cycle. Buy - green. Sell - red. It's not a financial advice. Trade carefully and good luck!

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