Hi everyone, Waves looks now that downtrend not end yet here, we are in falling wedge and maybe go for double bottom around 24000sat-25000sat, this is buy range for me. if we come here. Stochastic looks not good here. Is possible that we break falling wedge sooner, so after that this trade is not active for me. I am waiting for 25000sat. Then I am opening long on Waves. Targets and stoploss after we reached buy range. I will be update it. Thank you for likes, comments and follow, dont forget :)

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After four weeks of price increase I take today for the first time profit with Waves. I see a correction in the near future which could pull down to about 80000. Here I see the first new entries for the last wave 5. RSI is already heavy oversold on daily. I dont see the possibility for same price area like last year April/May because now is more volume in the market and it is not so easy to push the price up like last year.


I believe this will follow an Elliot wave impulse pattern, Stoch RSI looks great too for the one hour chart.

Waves round 2

Wave will continue bullish trend. Tight stop loss here (90200 )at red line is must. Target on 3 green lines. all the best

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