its all yum and yuck all at the same time.

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High rish high reward setup in play for WAVES at the moment. Having recently had an 80% rally we can see that a correction is ongoing, i'm looking for entry zones where I would enter a long position, if I see a reversal sign in the zone. The stop line on the chart could be raised to the ascending 0.236 fibonacci line (in blue) if WAVES breaks above the resistance line at 0.00045 satoshis. Not an expert, not financial advise, just recording my ideas for my own development. Feedback and corroboration welcome. Biffy


Just a trend I noticed


Waves fell a staggering 94.9% in value from December 2017 to November 2018, breaching the $1 valuation en route to an eighteen-month low of $0.0918405 on Nov 25th. Since then it’s been nothing but gains, and day-on-day growth carried the coin to 139% gains over nine days, taking the dollar valuation to $2.14. The growth also outpaced Bitcoin, and saw Waves priced at 0.00053627 BTC – a valuation not witnessed since early June. Currently there is a little drop in price, however, the situation was similar the day before yesterday and we can expect a nice breakout soon when bulls are back in the game. Trading volume for the coin hit levels not seen since September, rising from $7 million to $37 million leading into Tuesday afternoon, with most coming from the WAVES/BTC pair.

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