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Zcoin looking delightful.

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*Not to be considered as advice for entry. There's a lot going on in the chart, so here's what I'm looking at. 1. XZC looks to have been correcting since first traded. The highs in 2017 were a .786 retracement of price when first traded. The move also looks very much like a three wave move. 2. Alternatively, we have completed wave one and are either close to completing wave two or it has completed which means we should be looking out for the beginnings of a third wave. 3. There's a possibility it's channeling. Price currently sits just outside of that channel. If the channel is regained with an impulsive move on high volume, I'd turn bullish. 4. Pitchfork connecting significant pivots - price has moved outside of the outer warning line and doesn't look like it wants to re-enter any time soon. 5. I can get a five wave move down but I'm certain there's a number of ways to count it. The pattern we're in right now looks like a descending triangle which could indicate one more leg down. 6. RSI, well check it out. In conclusion, if we break back into the channel, we could potentially be on the way to at least the median line. Based on fib-time projections, September-19 & April-2020 could be significant dates to look out for. Keep in mind there's plenty of resistance on the way up.


Nice to see XZC holding that level for a while. See Binance chart for volume. Safer to get in on confirmation of uptrend but why not snatch some bits at the lows of the range


The Bollinger bands are tightening on ZCoin here. This is a coin that I tend to follow as it has had some sporadic pumps in the past, and is good to trade. Appears to be in the very bottom of these couple blue support lines above 0.00125, if it were to breakdown below this level, I think there could be some more downside. With Bitcoin showing some strength and seeming to want to push upwards, it may give room for some altcoin plays, and might be a catalyst for some altcoins to get moving in a positive direction. Two targets above in blue boxes if ZCoin were to get moving, ZCoin is a masternoted coin that I am watching starting out 2019.

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