EOS World Expo 2019 + Chintai, EOS Studio, EOS Emanate, New Hardware Wallet, Crypto Feez live music
Colin Talks Crypto

EOS World Expo 2019 in San Francisco, California from April 13-14. Many thanks to the organizers of this event: eosBlocksmith, Infinitybloc, and EOS SF (Each ...

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EOS REX Is Here!
Crypto Dunker

Today I share with you all the exciting news that the long-awaited EOS REX is finally here and set to deploy any minute! Let me know in the comments what you ...

REX - The resource exchange has passed the top 15/21 block producers voting and will come into effect within the next few days as the final details are worked ...

EOS, The End
Crypto Tim

The EOS User Agreement means the end of an era for eos and a moving onto the next chapter in the world's fastest and most used blockchain Link: ...

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